Nairobi-The City in the Sun

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Nairobi is the hub of East Africa. It is also a destination for wildlife safaris in Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Centre.

Nairobi – One of the Most Happening Cities in Africa

Nairobi has been an overlooked destination for a long time; this travesty must be remedied. As the capital city of Kenya, it is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with entertainment to keep the most travellers happy and alive.

Swanky residents enjoy sumptuous cuisine in Kenya’s restaurant, lounges and bars. Afro-fusion cuisines create a new adventure for foodies. Maize cobs roasting by the roadside provide an amazing snack to the high-paced tempo in the city.

The five star living is juxtaposed by informal dwellings, less to do with the lack of ambition of the Kenyan people but more to do with lack of affordable decent housing. This never stops Kenyans, as the entrepreneurial spirit is alive. Pick up some trendy in-door and garden furniture by the roadside.

Nyama choma, the most succulent barbeque of savannah-fed goat, lamb or beef is so good it needs to be a key export. The hotels are trendy and with several five star hotels to choose from, you are guaranteed a chic and luxurious place to lay your head.

From the Serena Hotel, which has the lush Central Park surrounding it, making you forget you are in the city centre, to the Nairobi Safari Club, an all suite hotel – luxury and value are at your fingertips. If you want, enjoy the Westlands action with the most recent lounges, restaurants, bars and shopping, the Holiday Inn is just what you are looking for.

Foodies will be spoilt for choice. The fresh ingredients in this city make it a vegetarian’s heaven. And oh my, the cocktails at Blanco’s are to die for! Acapulco will serve you sumptuous Mexican cuisine and Havana, the city’s own Cuban restaurant, serves cohibas. The mojitos are not shabby either. As for those that love their meat, the world famous Carnivore restaurant is the best, serving delicious game meat and a wide array of salads as well. The nightclub at the Carnivore is not to be missed as well.

Close to the United Nations Environment Programme headquarters is the Village Market. It plays host to the Maasai Market, a weekly handicraft market with the most exquisite fashion, interior design, tableware, accessories and traditional ornaments on display and sale. Also close to the Village Market is Tribe, a five star hotel the most stunning application of Afro-centric interior design.

The art and theatre scene is alive. From Gallery Watatu where you can enjoy exceptional paintings to Phoenix players that stage some of the most refine artistry in town. In 2009, Kenya played host to the Haymarket festival. Nobel Laureates Wangari Mathai and Wole Soyinka joined renowned local and international narrators and poets hosted by StoryMoja. Incidentally, the StoryMoja crew staged their play ‘Cut off my tongue’ in London. Who said Kenya’s do not engage in the literary arts?

Years back, hearing local music on the radio was a rarity. Today, captivating Kenyan vibes are broadcast across the nation. Kenya’s own Wahu won the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) a few years back.

If the FAFA awards staged in Nairobi was anything to go by, African fashion is enough and the designers are at the top of their game. It is a sign that Kenyan fashion is going places with big wigs such as Kiko Romeo, a local designer who owns a shop in the upmarket Yaya Centre shopping mall.

So the next time you travel through Kenya, or plan a safari or beach holiday, be sure to stop and enjoy the beauty of this city- a treat that will leave you wanting more! See you in Nairobi.

Map of Nairobi-The City in the Sun

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