Mount Longonot in the Great Rift Valley

Mount Longonot
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Mount Longonot is an excellent hiking destination. It also offers game viewing excursions on the floor of the extinct volcano.

For Excellent Hiking and Walking Safaris

In the Great Rift Valley, your vacation can never endure a dull day because you have so much to see, discover and experience near and far. Kenya’s side of this big trench has numerous attractions sprawled over the escarpments and the floor. Mount Longonot is one of the landmarks that let you know you in the great gorge. It towers over Lake Naivasha, which is one of the freshwaters lakes oozing out of the rift valley.

As you travel from the city, you can see the mountain taking shape in the horizon. At the Great Rift Valley Viewpoint, the mountain boasts in the horizon with a blanket of green vegetation laid out at its feet.

This mountain is the result of volcanic activity over thousands of years ago. What remains after the last eruption is a large hole within layers of molten lava. The crater leads to a scenic habitat of wild animals.

The Maasai refer to this geographic feature as Oloonong’ot. This means steep ridges, which is the best way to describe the walls of the mountain. Scanty vegetation covers the ridges.

How to Get to Mount Longonot

It is about 90km from Nairobi and the journey takes about one hour by road. Flights from any part of the country land at an airstrip in Naivasha, and you make the road trip to this region using the old Nairobi- Naivasha highway.

Drive on further to the railway crossing and turn for a 4km drive to the park. Upon entry, drive for about 1km and leave your car, for a memorable tour of this park.

Mount Longonot National Park

The mountain is part of the wildlife conservation area of this park. Within this region is a wide range of species like the zebra, buffalo, giraffe, hartebeest, gazelle, leopard, bushbuck, eland and the lion among others.

What to do Here

The scenery is breathtaking. Your trip to this part of the rift valley is rewarding because it takes you to the habitat of different species. It also revitalizes your body because of the fresh air and the easy exercise offered by the 9km trek around the mountain. For a fun filled day, take part in

  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Walking
  • Picnic dining
  • Cycling
  • Rock climbing
  • Viewing rift valley attractions like Lake Naivasha

For this spectacular visit, carry your sunscreen, sunglasses and a brim hat, packed lunch, guidebook, a pair of binoculars and a camera. This is all you need for your walking safari alongside nature.

Map of Mount Longonot in the Great Rift Valley

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