Mombasa Marine Park

Mombasa Marine Park
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Mombasa Marine Park is a great place to visit during your beach safari. Enjoy great views of the underworld to see species of plants and animals of the Indian Ocean.

Water Sports Destination

Travel to the coastal city of Mombasa by bus or by air, sail by boat from the mainland, across the ocean and into Mombasa Marine Park. This sanctuary for aquatic animals is part of the larger Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

Mombasa Marine Park is about 10km large, which is a mere speck compared with the 200kms of the national reserve. Nonetheless, this wonder has so much to see and learn about life under the Indian Ocean. Its major attractions are the stunning beach along the shore and the coral gardens that turn this conservation area into paradise.

What to see at Mombasa Marine Park

Aquatic animals to see here include crabs, jellyfish, sea stars, sea cucumbers, corals and sea urchins among others. It is home to birds as well so consider enjoying a fulfilling birding safari. Vegetation prevalent in this attraction is sea grass and marine algae.

In addition to viewing and learning about aquatic and land animals, why not discover the beauty of the ocean? Snorkelling is one of the adventurous ways for you to do this. Windsurfing, water skiing and diving are other activities that let you explore Mombasa Marine Park and the national reserve.

This park has a number of thrilling dive sites such as Serena and Bamburi dive sites. View multicoloured corals, shells, turtles and tuna.

You can enjoy a family outing here. Discover different aquatic animals together with your family. Alternatively, you can bring your spouse or partner here for an awesome beach safari experience. You can even include this trip to your honeymoon activities because there is so much to do and enjoy here.

To get here, board a shuttle bus from Nairobi, and about 8 hours later, you will be in the city of Mombasa. You can also opt for a flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport and 45 minutes later, you will land at Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

What to Carry for this Experience

You need the right clothing and accessories for this adventure. Bring a good pair of sandals, a t-shirt, a hat and sunscreen because you will spend the whole time under the sun. Drinking water and a guide book with a list of animals to see here can also come in handy. Most importantly, do not forget to carry a camera; there is a lot to capture. Snorkelling and diving equipment and protective wear is available on site; hire once you get here.

This attraction does not have hotels and lodges within it, so you have to stay in the mainland. There are plenty of luxury lodges in Mombasa and along the Diani Beach such as Waterlovers Beach Resort, Serena Beach Resort and Spa as well as the Voyager Beach Resort among others.

Map of Mombasa Marine Park

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