Meru National Park

Meru County
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Enjoy a private tour of the serene and picturesque Meru National Park, which is not far from the equator line, and Mount Kenya.

Meru National Park

85 Km east of Meru town, in the north-eastern lowlands at the base of the Nyambene hills lays the picturesque Meru National park. An 87,004-hectare forest reserve, made famous by the conservationist Joy Adamson who wrote ‘Born Free’. A true story about Elsa the lioness and her return to the wild.

With 305-762 mm of rain, the park is teaming with flora and fauna supporting its magnificent wildlife. The park features the greatest variety in landscapes and habitats judged against other parks in Kenya. The Meru conservation area is a magnificent wilderness. Straddling the equator, the parks’ savannah, grassland, swamp and forest habitats are fed by 14 perennial rivers flowing from the Mighty Mt. Kenya. All of which feed the Tana River in the south.

The National park neighbours Bisanadi, Rahole and Mwingi national reserves along the Tana. The Ura and Rojeweru are two large rivers that sustain this natural environment. Toward the undulating North-west the soils are rich and wet from the relief rain of Mt. Kenya and the Nyambene Hills. The eastern area is quite dry and can get very hot.

At an altitude of 2000 ft, the climate is hot and dry. Summer begins in December and ends in March; game is best viewed in this dry period. Winter comes between July and September. The rains first fall from March to May then in Nov to December.

The park boasts the big five and over 400 bird species. Hard to spot Palm-nut vulture and Peter’s finfoot can be watched from the lush banks of the Rojeweru. Big game include Elephants, Cheetah, Kudu, Hyena, Oribi, Buffalo, Lion, Bushbuck, Wild dogs, Eland, black and white rhinoceros. Look out for Dik-dik, Leopard, Civet, Aardwolf and Pangolin.

From 2000 to 2005, IFAW supported the Kenya Wildlife Service to restore the Park from near destruction to an exceptional national reserve. IFAW provided the KWS with $1.25 million for basic infrastructure and essential equipment for law enforcement personnel. This has greatly reduced human and wildlife causalities resulting from illegal poaching operations.

Rafting on Tana River is a safari adventure unlike any other activity in the park. Enjoy picnics in the bush on safari, where you can trace the footsteps of Elsa. Cultural safaris can be organized by most operators in the region.

Visit Elsa’s Kopje, a private getaway on Mughwango hill inside the park, and rediscover George Adamson’s lions. Attractions you must see are the Adamson’s falls, the Adamson’s home and the views of Mt. Kenya. The Mulika Lodge Airport serves Meru national park.

Surprisingly, the park is never crowded even though it has all the jewels any naturalist treasures. You can choose to camp under the African night sky in this virgin wilderness. Stay at the Sirimon or Bwatherongi Bandas inside the Mt. Kenya national park complex.

Visit Meru all year round, be sure also to see the attractions in the vicinity. Sweetwaters Game Sanctuary, Mt. Kenya national park, Buffalo springs, Samburu and Shaba reserve are all magical theatres of nature in the wild. Go on, journey Kenya!

Map of Meru National Park

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