Malindi Museum- North Coast Attractions

Malindi Museum
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Explore Malindi Museum to learn about life in the 19th Century at the coast of Kenya.

Take a Tour of Malindi Museum this Holiday

Malindi has numerous attractions such as Vasco da Gama Pillar, the Portuguese Chapel and the Pillar Tombs among others. This town has a museum that is one of the oldest buildings in the country.

This gallery dates back to a period in the 19th century though its actual construction time is a mystery. Nonetheless, some records show that the locals used it as a hospital. Other occupants of this building were the fisheries department and Kenya Wildlife Services. In 2004, it became a public gallery.

The storey structure has four entrances and it is within reach of the jetty and the fish market with a majestic view of the ocean. This scenic structure stands out with its white coral walls. The building boasts of a blend of architectural designs from different communities. For instance, one door has a Gurejati design while another flaunts a carved design from the Swahili community.

Malindi Museum exhibits the history of the town through photographs and relics. Commonly known as the House of Commons building, it also has a number of pre-historic fish species. Apart from learning about the town and its people, you can also get tourism information. It currently serves as the information centre for tourists visiting the coast of Kenya.

You can combine a tour of this gallery with a trip to other attractions in the town. That way, you have a lot to do during your sightseeing adventure.

Map of Malindi Museum- North Coast Attractions

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