Malindi Marine Park

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Malindi Marine Park is an exceptional place with hundreds of aquatic animals and plants. Explore this attraction from a glass-bottomed boat.

What to see in Malindi Marine Park

While at the coast of Kenya, include a visit to Malindi Marine Park on the list of things you must accomplish. This conservation area is beautiful. It has it all- aquatic life, serenity, vegetation and a wealth of activities for guests.

What to See

The world under the Indian Ocean is a stunning blend of colour, plant and animal life. Malindi Marine Park has a variety of plant species, boasting of over 200 algae species. The animals include turtles, hundreds of gastropods, echinoids like clams, lobsters, sea cucumbers and octopuses. It also houses dozens of fish species such as barracuda, goatfish, rabbit fish, snappers, wrasses and emperors among others.

Corals within Malindi Marine National Park include boulder coral, stag horn and organ pipe. You will also enjoy viewing birds that migrate to this scenic location. Major activities to enjoy here are diving, boat riding, snorkelling, swimming, water skiing, sun bathing, picnic dining and barbeques on the island. A unique way of exploring this attraction is in a glass bottom boat so you can see the beauty of the underworld.

The Thrilling Experience

Viewing dolphins in real life will be the highlight of your safari. If you bring your family or friends with you for this safari, viewing dolphins together will be one experience to talk about for eternity.

Malindi Marine National Park is the oldest marine park in the country, founded in 1968. While touring this attraction, other places of interest in the vicinity are Gede Ruins and the famous Arabuko forest. Though there are no resorts within this attraction, you can stay in luxury lodges within Malindi such as Woburn Residence.

Since it is situated south of the popular town of Malindi, you can get to this conservation area by road or by air. It is only 110km from Mombasa. If you travel by air from Nairobi, your destination will be Malindi Airport where you will board a road transfer vehicle to the marine conservation area.

You just need to carry basic personal effects like in any other safari such as good footwear, a t-shirt, hat and water. The weather is fair most time of the year, with only two wet seasons.

Map of Malindi Marine Park

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