Machakos County

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Machakos County is in the greater Nairobi area, and its creating a name for itself as the technology city of Kenya .

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The Home of Konza Technology City

Machakos County is located in the former Eastern Province. It borders Nairobi, Kiambu, Makueni and Embu counties among others. This county is in the greater Nairobi area, and it is now dominating headlines as the ideal weekend destination especially for the youthful city dwellers.

Machakos County lies in a mostly, semi arid area.  It has over a million inhabitants, mainly from the Kamba community.  The main economic activity for the population is subsistence farming, majoring in maize, sorghum and millet production.  Sand harvesting is another economic activity that benefits the residents.

Machakos Town is the headquarters of the county.   Other constituencies are Mavoko, Kangundo, Matungulu, Mwala, Yatta, Kathiani and Masinga.

Konza Technology City

Konza is a town within Machakos County that rose to international limelight when the government launched the Konza City project in 2013. This billion-dollar project was the first of its kind in Kenya, aimed at creating a silicon savannah.

Konza was the best option for the project because of its proximity to the capital city and the availability of land. This project, once completed, will occupy 5000 acres. It will have a science park, malls, resorts, educational institutions, medical centres and a convention facility.

About Machahood

Macha is a slang word for Machakos.  Machahood is the county’s version of Hollywood.  It is an investment project for the county, aimed at tapping talent and providing job opportunities.

Sports Tourism

Machakos People’s Park is one of the successful projects undertaken by the county’s administration. It is a 40-acre park with amazing features such as an outdoor amphitheatre, a children’s play area and an artificial lake among others. The park hosts a number of private and public events such as music concerts and weddings.

Masaku Rugby Sevens is one of the sports activities that drew thousands of fans from the city and its environs for a fun-filled weekend in Machakos.

Hiking and Camping

Iveti Hills stretch from Machakos Town offering a scenic, hiking destination just a short drive from the capital city.  The hike is easy and there are beautiful sceneries for photography lovers as well as a man-made forest to explore. Other places to explore in this county are Mua Hills and the gravity defying Kyamwilu Hills.

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is the most popular destination in this county. It is located approximately 85km from the city.  The park’s topography consists of a mountain, a mountain forest and shrubbery. Wildlife to see here includes buffalos, leopards, baboons, monkeys, dik diks and about 45 bird species. There is a picnic site and camping facilities run by the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Map of Machakos County

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