Lamu Island- Beach Safari Destination

Lamu Island
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If you are looking for comfort, adventure, a location that will ignite the sparks of love, and rich cultural traditions, Lamu is your best bet.

Lamu – The Seven Islands Archipelago

Lamu Island is primarily accessed by sea. As a result, it has not changed much from the days Arabs first docked in its harbour, over 1,100 years ago. Fly to Manda Island and drift to Lamu on a traditional dhow. From Manda, flights daily connect to Malindi and Mombasa. Discover the seven islands archipelago, including; Manda toto, Lamu and Shela islands.

The Lamu region is blessed with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Go diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, sailing or just swimming in the tropical waters.  Lamu Island is the oldest town in Kenya, invaded in 1506 by the Portuguese.  Belonging to the original Swahili settlements between Somalia and Mozambique, her port supported the trade of slaves, ivory and mangrove to Asia. Explore the narrow streets of old town Lamu, whose pathways permit only donkey and human traffic.

The 18th century architecture and design has made Lamu Island a living world heritage site, vibrant with history and culture. The chatter of local elders sipping coffee in the late afternoon and beautiful women robed in bui bui. Hear the ebb of the Indian Ocean accompanied by the patter of donkey hooves on the ancient cobble trails, a moment in Lamu Island.  On your perfect beach holiday, stay at Lamu house or Kizingo lodge.

Visit Lamu fort and the Swahili house museum. The villages of Shela and Matondoni offer guests a chance to experience local culture.  Lamu is an exceptional honeymoon getaway. Her exotic beaches and marriage to culture have made Lamu a pearl on the Kenyan coast. Lounge under the rustling palms enjoying the sea breeze. Truly this is Idyllic living on the lazy island.

Every year the town hosts the Maulidi festival, a celebration in the third month of the Islamic calendar to commemorate the birth of the prophet Mohammed. Often held in the month of June, visitors are invited to take part in celebrations.  The festivities include worship, dance and prayer vigils culminating in a procession through the town. Dhow and donkey races are part of the spectacle that gels the locals to the customs of their ancestors.  Transcend time in a place where Arabian and Swahili culture thread an intimate moral fiber. Lamu is home to a predominantly Muslim community whose lifestyles have not changed for centuries.

Today a great mix of Spanish, French and Italian occupants own homes on the island. Enjoy fresh exotic catches on the coast prepared by traditional chefs and sample uniquely spiced Swahili cuisine. The climate is warm all year round with twelve hours of day and night. The long rains fall in May and July. The months between November and March are the ideal time to visit Lamu with temperatures of 35-40 Celsius and humidity of 60-70%. Travel through time on your visit to Lamu, go on Journey Kenya!

Map of Lamu Island- Beach Safari Destination

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