Kogelo|Home of Barack Obama Sr

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Barack Obama Sr hailed from Nyang’oma in Kisumu. This is the ancestral home of the US President Barrack Obama.

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Tracing President Barack Obama’s Roots

When the US President Barack Obama began his presidential campaign in 2007, media houses all over the world searched for information about his life, his childhood and about his parents.   Everybody wanted to know where this gallant leader grew up, who were his parents and his alma mater. Eventually, attention turned to his ancestral home in Kenya.

Barack Obama Senior, the president’s father, was born and raised in Kenya.  He hailed from a little known village of Nyang’oma Kogelo, in Siaya District. This village is popularly known as Kogelo.  When this information became the headline in most media houses around the world, thousands trickled into the country for a tour of Barack Obama’s ancestral home.

Located in Nyanza Province, which is world famous for Lake Victoria, Barack Obama Senior’s sleepy village of Kogelo became famous overnight.  International and local media camped outside the homestead of Barack Obama’s grandmother during the electioneering period waiting for the relatives’ reaction to the election results.

With a population of about 3,500 people, this simple town has one primary school, a health centre, a shopping centre and one secondary school.  The two schools were renamed after the US President when he was a senator.  The village got a police post and electricity connection when the word began paying attention to the president’s African roots.

The paternal family of the president still lives in the village. Most visitors who troop in are eager to meet the president’s grandmother and other relatives.

Map of Kogelo|Home of Barack Obama Sr

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