Kiunga National Marine Reserve

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Kiunga National Marine Reserve is a great place to learn about the beautiful under water world of the Indian Ocean.

Situated on the Lamu Archipelago, and consisting of 50 islands and coral formations, Kiunga National Marine Reserve is a beautiful, breathtaking attraction. It is an expansive piece of natural wonder bordering Boni and Dodori National Reserves and extending along the shore of the Indian Ocean for about 60km.

What to See in Kiunga National Marine Reserve

The coral formations are of varying size and they extend a good portion inshore, which makes this attraction the home of the best corals in the region. Though situated in a remote section of the coast, it draws tourists from all parts of the world. The Lamu Archipelago is arguably a distinct coastal region and it is no wonder that millions flock this area to see the coral formations and limestone islands.

Other attractions to see here are sand dunes. You also need to visit the Swahili villages around Kiwayu Island, on a cultural tour of the rich customs and heritage of people at the coast. Kiwayu Island is the only inhabited region of Kiunga National Marine Reserve.

Wildlife to see here includes the rare dugongs that look like sea lions. These sea mammals are an endangered species whose dwindling number is due to uncontrolled hunting habits over the years. You also need to see the leatherback turtles, birds, lobsters, crabs, sea urchins and sea stars among others.

What to do at Kiunga National Marine Reserve

Enjoy your trip through activities like snorkelling, diving, wind surfing, water skiing and sunbathing. Explore the caves on Kiwayu Island as well. To get here, sail by boat from the mainland to Kiwayu Island. There is an airstrip at Dodori National Reserve.

It is a great location for family and group safaris. Enjoying the scenery with a friend or family better is more exciting though you can also come alone and have a great time. Do not leave your camera behind since there are many photo-worthy moments.

You can stay on Kiwayu Island, which has two luxury resorts namely Kiwayu Safari Village and Munira Island Camp. On the other hand, accept the allure of luxury lodges on Lamu Island and travel to this section during one of your daily excursions. You will love it!

Map of Kiunga National Marine Reserve

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