Kitengela Glass in Nairobi

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Kitengela Glass is one unique workshop that recycles glass into beautiful, colourful sculptures, beadwork and tableware.

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Recycled Glass Factory in the City

If you are looking for a place of interest within the capital city, visit Kitengela Glass. This unique factory sits opposite the Nairobi National Park, on Magadi Road. It is about an hour’s drive from the city centre when there is moderate traffic on Lang’ata Road.  The recycled glass workshop is quite popular with local and foreign visitors on a day’s tour of the city’s top attractions.

The beauty of this facility is not visible in the products only but also in the pieces of art around the property. There are dozens of interesting sculptures and mosaics in the compound and the forest of trees around the workshops.  These beautiful artworks decorate the pathways too. You do not have to enter the workshop to know you are in a creative sphere.

The production process is exciting to watch too. This factory makes all kinds of things from recycled bottles and glass. Some raw materials are molten, shaped and cooled to form items like beads and tableware. Other raw materials undergo fusing, which means melting them until different pieces of glass connect without losing their original colour. Hence, the finished products bears the shades of all pieces of glass fused together.

Kitengela Glass is also famous for is faceted glasswork. You can find them in the Delle de Verre Studio within the compound making glass blocks.  You can buy glasswork products at this factory or in the company’s stores in Adams Arcade and Le Rustique on General Mathenge Drive.   After a tour of this factory, you will appreciate the fact that recycled glass can produce beautiful products.

Map of Kitengela Glass in Nairobi

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