Kisumu Museum in Nyanza Province

Kisumu Museum
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Kisumu Museum exhibits artefacts from the communities living in Western and Nyanza Provinces.

A Day in Kisumu Museum is Fun for the Whole Family

Kisumu Town gives your holiday a touch of culture and lakeside fun and adventure. For days when you want a laid-back activity, a visit to the town’s museum will come in handy. Its gallery dates back to 1980, when it opened its doors to the public.

The gallery offers a collection of artefacts from different tribes living in counties of Nyanza and Western provinces. This includes traditional attire, fishing equipment, agricultural tools, clothes, weapons, musical instruments and other assets used in the daily lives of these communities.

It also serves as an educational centre attracting students from schools all over Kenya. Even though Kisumu is an industrialised city like other urban areas of the country, this museum gives you a journey back in time to pre-colonial Kenya to lean about communities of this region and their lifestyle.

One unique characteristic of this gallery is its fresh water aquarium, snake park and its tortoise pen. The aquarium has fish species found in Lake Victoria while the snake park is home to cobras, puff adders and mamba snakes. You will also encounter a crocodile.

You also get a tour of a traditional homestead of the Luo tribe known as the Ber-gi-dala. It depicts the economic and social lifestyle of this community with individual rondavel huts for the husband, and for each of the wives. Other huts in this homestead recreate the granary, livestock enclosure and the rondavel of the first son.

Kisumu is not short of archaeological and historical monuments. The Tom Mboya Mausoleum takes you through the life and times of Tom Mboya who played a significant role in Kenya’s liberation. This town also has Kanam prehistoric site discovered by Louis Leakey in 1932. The best way to learn about Africa is to see, experience and explore. That is what you do at Kisumu museum.

Map of Kisumu Museum in Nyanza Province

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