Kisumu City in Nyanza Province

Kisumu City
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Kisumu has interesting attractions such as Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Hippo Point and Kisumu Museum.

Out of Town Attractions

As the third largest city in Kenya, Kisumu is the hub of Western Kenya.  Kisumu is also the main city on the shore of Lake Victoria that stretches an amazing 70,000 square kilometres. This port city was the main inland terminal for the Uganda Railway. Kisumu is the landing city for all tourists who wish to see Kogelo, the birth town of President Barack Obama’s father.    Kisumu has several places to sightsee and a host of activities.

Kisumu Museum is one of the more interesting museums in the country that give you a good idea of how the people in Luo land lived many years ago. It has several everyday items on display as well as stuffed animals of the wildlife found in the region. One of the more exciting features is the Luo homestead that consists of mud and thatch roofed quarters of all three traditional wives and the quarters of the eldest son in the family.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is home to a herd of Impala who now share their land with hippos that come and graze on the land. It is common to find different bird species in the area, in addition to baboons and other animals that may have faced complications, caged on the premises. Hippo Point is one of the places to go in Kisumu for an unchallenged and unobstructed sunset view.  Although named Hippo Point, it is quite difficult to spot hippos from that point. In order to get a better view of the hippos, one would have to go further into the Lake via boat.

Kisumu has numerous restaurants and food outlets where you can relax with friends and family members.  If you are looking for the local staple fast food, of fried fish, just take a short walk to any of the shanty booths and watch the chef turning fresh fish into a sumptuous meal. If you are looking for higher end dining, the Florence Restaurant at the Imperial Hotel is one of the finest restaurants in Kisumu. Kisumu’s nightlife is rumoured to be even better than Nairobi‘s. With the Congolese influence in the city, there is no guessing why.


Map of Kisumu City in Nyanza Province

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