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Kilifi County
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Kilifi County has clear white sandy beaches and luxurious resorts overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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The Land of Marine Parks, Reserves and Splendid Beaches

Kilifi County is one of the enchanting lands at the coast of Kenya. It may not be as popular with visitors as Mombasa County, but this region has enough attractions and activities for a perfect beach safari.

Kilifi is situated between Tana River and Mombasa, and this county’s economy depends on fishing and tourism. Communities living in Kilifi County include the Mijikenda, Arabs, Indians and Bajuni. River Sabaki, a fresh water river, flows through the county, and this supports agricultural and animal husbandry activities. This county has ores of barites, rubies, pozzolana and other minerals. In addition, there are two cement manufacturing factories, milk and fruit processing plants.

Attractions in the county that you should visit are Gede Ruins, the Rabai Church and Arabuko Sokoke Forest. Kilifi has spectacular white sandy beaches in Kikambala, Watamu and Malindi. Famous towns are Watamu, Malindi, Mtwapa, and Kilifi Town, which is the county’s capital. This county has luxurious hotels and resorts, most of which are along the expansive beaches.


Malindi town’s history dates back centuries ago when the Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, the Ormans and other races sailed to the coast of Kenya. Malindi Town has numerous attractions such as Malindi Museum and the Vasco da Gama Pillar. Additionally, it has Malindi Marine National Park. Access is by road from Mombasa, or by air from any part of Kenya. Flights land and take off at Malindi Airstrip.


Watamu has luxury resorts such as Hemingways Watamu, Watamu Bay Ora Resort and Jacaranda Beach Resort. Explore Watamu Marine National Park and Marafa Depression. Activities to enjoy in this town are swimming, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and dining in the town’s assortment of restaurants.

Explore Kilifi County this holiday.

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