Kazuri Beads Factory in Nairobi

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Learn how beads create beautiful necklaces and other bead products when you take a tour of Kazuri Beads Factory.

Beautiful Hand-Painted Beads and Pottery

Kazuri Beads Factory is one of the main attractions in Nairobi.  It sits in a section of the Karen Blixen estate, in the up-market area of Karen, close to other fascinating attractions such as the Giraffe Centre and Karen Blixen Museum.

Kazuri is a Swahili word that means small and grand.  Set up in 1975, this factory reached out to the poor people in the community around in order to give them a source of income.  Its main target was single women who needed a stable source of income.  Nevertheless, the factory grew through the years from a handful of employees over 300 workers, and hundreds of wholesale orders from overseas.

The products include cowhide purses, ceramic jewellery and tableware. Visit this factory for an eye opening half an hour’s tour from the raw stage of clay to the finished products store.   Clay sourced from the slopes of Mount Kenya is brought into the workshop. A number of processes take place to refine it through filtration before it is transported to the workstation of the beads and pottery centre.

See women and men busy at work molding the clay into teapots, teacups and plates.  The workshops are large rooms with a long table and seats around it. Women and men work on this table, absorbed in their work to make masterpieces. Each design reflects the beauty of Kenyan cultures through a variety of eye-catching drawings.  The beads too showcase Kenyan cultures and bright colours associated with African sceneries and wildlife.

From the factory, the products are transported to various retail shops around the country in Nairobi and Mombasa. In Nairobi, the retail shops are in the Village Market, the Junction Mall, Capital Centre and Galleria Mall. At the coast, the retail stores are located in City Mall Nyali and Diani Shopping Centre. There is a shop onsite where you can buy any product after a tour of the factory in Karen.  Additionally, you can also buy beads and make your own ornaments.

Map of Kazuri Beads Factory in Nairobi

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