Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum
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A visit to the Karen Blixen Museum is a journey back in time before colonial control of the country. You learn a lot about the life of aristocrats around the rich foothills of Ngong. Karen was a baroness and an author whose book, Out of Africa, became a film and one of the best literary works that talk about Africa.

Karen Blixen Museum takes you back in Time

About 10km from the city centre is a large farm with buildings quintessential of pre-colonial Kenya. The Karen Blixen Museum occupies one of these structures in a serene farm with the rolling Ngong Hills as the backdrop. Named after the farm owner, Baroness Karen Blixen, the gallery is a ride into her life and style. As an aristocrat, she had an elegant and class touch to everything in her house. Learning about her life makes it easy to walk through the gallery and feel like you have connected with the events of the 1900s.

Karen Blixen was a famous author eulogised for her book Out of Africa. She lived in Kenya in the 1900s, in Ngong. Karen and her husband bought a farm and within it was a house that later became a gallery. Baron Bror von Blixen Fincken, Karen’s husband was not an ardent farmer and he left most of the work and management to Karen. When the two divorced, the baroness solely operated the farm from 1921.

It has seen its share of occupants and change of ownership since Karen left the country in 1931. One buyer segmented the land into economically viable pieces that currently make up the upmarket Karen estate. The National Museums of Kenya purchased it when the farmhouse became popular after a film highlighted the life and times of Karen Blixen.

It is open daily even on weekends and on national holidays. It exhibits furniture and other furnishings used in the film and equipment used on Karen’s coffee farm. Visitors get a guided tour of the gallery getting sufficient information about props that featured in the film.

This attraction also has a curio shop. The expansive gardens host various functions throughout the year such as weddings and parties. The gallery, and farm, have a significant role in the history of Kenya because it belonged to an affluent figure. Everything on this piece of land from the buildings to the furnishings there are reminiscent of pre-colonial Kenya.

Map of Karen Blixen Museum

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