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Java Coffee House
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Java Coffee House is the country’s most popular venue for freshly brewed coffee and an array of sumptuous snacks. This brand has branches in all major towns.

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The Best Coffee House in the City

Java Coffee House‘s excellence as a great hangout for friends, the business class or individual coffee lovers is beyond phenomenal. This lavish coffee house is now a brand that every visitor or local looks for when considering the best place to enjoy freshly brewed coffee in Kenyan cities.

Java Coffee House is a chain of restaurants that specialize in coffee as the signature beverage, tea, burgers, baked pastries, juices etc. These are branches in all major towns in the country, and each coffee house under this brand exudes the same serene ambiance.

Java’s coffee is sourced locally, since Kenya is one of the world’ major coffee producers. Enjoy fresh, local coffee brewed perfectly and served in a cool outdoor setting with Wi-Fi access in case you wish to have your drink while working online.

Breakfast comes with a variety of sumptuous treats like baked pastries (croissants, muffins and raisin scones), French toast, fruit salads, pancakes, sandwiches, bagels and omelettes among others. For lunch, get scrumptious chips masala, mushroom chips, soups, pies, burgers or sandwiches. Stick around for dinner too and add a desert to your dining experience. Milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream, yoghurt smoothies and fresh juices are some of the mouth-watering desserts on the menu. And of course, coffee is available any time of the day.

Java Coffee House brand now has 23 branches. In Nairobi, you can walk into Java Coffee House in Thika Road Mall, Galleria Shopping Mall, Uniafric House, Valley Arcade, Upper Hill Medical Centre, The Junction, Yaya Centre, Adams Arcade, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport etc. You can also relax and have some coffee while in the pristine coastal city of Mombasa or when exploring the Great Rift Valley town of Nakuru. Java’s gourmet coffee and its range of lavish meals can never be overrated.

Map of Java Coffee House| Great Food and Ambience

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