Indian Ocean| A Gem on the Kenyan Coast

Indian Ocean
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The shores of the Indian Ocean afford Kenya the most beautiful beaches and spectacular spots for a beach safari adventure.

Spend this Vacation along the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the main attraction along the coast of Kenya. Its pristine coastline flaunts miles of white sandy beaches from Ukunda, Mtwapa, Kilifi, Malindi to Lamu and Mombasa. You can have a great time along the beach, or you can venture into the water for a wide range of water sports.

This water body holds secrets about the history of the Kenyan coast dating back many centuries ago. Seafarer s and traders from different parts of the world sailed to this region during the slave trade era.

When you tour towns such as Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa, you will see elements of this history in the architectural design, which portrays Arabic, Portuguese, Italian and British conquest and presence in the Kenyan coast. The dressing, religion, food and social activities are also reminiscent of different nations that lived, colonised or traded at the coast.

To make it easier to understand tourism attractions in this region, classify it into the north or south coast of Mombasa. The north has serene beaches of Nyali, Shanzu, Watamu, Bamburi, Kilifi and Kenyatta. In the south, the water is warm and there are long white sandy beaches of Galu, Tiwi, Shelly, Shimoni, Msambweni and Diani.

When staying at the coast, you will also taste a wide variety of seafoods fresh from the waters of the Indian Ocean. All hotels and lodges here have sufficient supply of seafood to give succulent meals from crabs to fish, oysters and prawns.

What to do along the Indian Ocean

When it comes to fun and adventure, this is the best to be this vacation. The mainland has exciting activities such as sightseeing, cultural visits and game viewing, but the water is more inviting and it calls you through gentle breezes that whistle through the window of your beachfront cottage.

Take part in

  • Sailing safaris
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Swimming with whale sharks
  • Wreck diving

Where to stay along the Indian Ocean

Get accommodation in any lodge or resort with a secluded beach where you can walk from your suite. There are many hotels along the coastline in Lamu, Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi. Journey Kenya can help you locate such establishments like the Waterlovers beach resort, Almanara Diani Beach Resort and Driftwood Beach Resort among many more.

Watamu is one of the best deep-sea fishing regions in the world and it has interesting lodges and cottages such as Hemingways Watamu. Deep-sea fishing safaris take you to the middle of the sea for a day to spot and tag black marlin, sailfish, blue marlin, striped marlin and broadbill swordfish among others. It is truly an exceptional beach holiday in this region.