Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

Karen Hardy, Nairobi
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The Giraffe Manor is a luxurious lodge in Nairobi. It has resident Rothschild giraffes in the compound.

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Breakfast with a Giraffe

The Giraffe Manor is a 30 minutes drive from the Nairobi’s city centre. This lavish lodge sits on a 12-acre property that boasts of indigenous vegetation and a serene environment. Resident Rothschild giraffes welcome you to the property, as they browse the dozens of trees in the compound. These animals are social, and they come over to say hi when you are basking on the lawn. You might even see a long neck peeping through the window of your room, if you leave it open. Giraffes are all over; they are in the compound and on the pictures on the walls of every room in this lodge.

Founded as a hunting lodge in the 1930s, the décor of this luxury lodge is reminiscent of aristocratic furnishings in pre-independent Kenya. It has spacious rooms with large poster beds, antique furnishings and modern bathrooms.

The most memorable moments at the Giraffe Manor are in the sun room. The large windows make you feel like you are dining outdoors. The spacious, well lit interior offers a relaxing spot for a great meal alone or with friends and family members. During each meal, one guest shows up unannounced, and never uses the front door. Instead, you only see a long neck sneaking in through the window. Before you can say hi and exchange pleasantries with this new friend, a prehensile tongue wipes your plate clean and the head slides out of the window.

With such exciting experiences, your stay at this lodge reminds you that you do not have to be in the wild plains of Africa to have a great time. Just sit in the dining room, or in the lounge, and have a Rothschild giraffe keep you company, even just for a few seconds.

Map of Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

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