Fourteen Falls in Thika

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The Fourteen Falls is located in Thika, which is about an hour and a half’s journey from Nairobi.

How to Get to 14 Falls Thika

Fourteen Falls in Thika is a magical attraction on the second longest river in the country- the Athi River. Located just 15km from the town, you can access this site from any part of the country. Thika is about an hour’s drive from Nairobi, and you can access this town from the central part of Kenya too. Drive on the Thika Garissa Highway until Kilimambogo. Join the rough road and drive about 3km to the falls.

The 14 Falls is one of the must visit places in Thika because it offers a unique place to spend a few hours alone or in the company of friends and family. Marvel at the beauty of the 27metre waterfalls. This attraction is known as the 14 Falls because there are actually 14 of them cascading down the cliff.

It is a day’s trip to and from Nairobi. This makes it perfect for families with children, who need a place they can relax away from the city. In addition to the waterfalls, you can enjoy the sunshine, the splendid view and its serenity.

A guided walk takes you to the boat where you ride across the Athi River while enjoying the magical beauty of the attraction. The boat guides take you to a rocky section where you can view the falls up close from the bank. Listen to the sound of gushing water and the birds that perch on trees around the falls. Some locals offer an acrobatic show by plunging from the top of the cliff into the water. Nevertheless, this is a risky affair, and you would rather just enjoy the view from the banks of the river.

Thika is an agricultural and industrial hub, with three major attractions that are the Fourteen Falls, Chania Falls and Thika Falls. It is home to the largest exporter of pineapples and other horticultural products. It also has a number of luxury lodges and hotels such as Blue Post Hotel. You may wish to stay in this town to explore other attractions.

Map of Fourteen Falls in Thika

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