Fort Jesus Museum

Fort Jesus Museum
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Fort Jesus Museum is a landmark at the coast of Kenya. It exhibits life at the coast from the 16th Century.

Fun and Adventure Awaits you at Fort Jesus Museum

Fort Jesus is a 16th Century fortress that tells you are on the pristine coastline of the country. Everyone who visits the coast must tour this landmark to learn about the power struggles of this region through the museum housed in this fortress.

Walk around the fortress, inside, climb the stairs to look at the ocean and visit the section with the gun cannons pointing to the sea. The museum houses collections from the region that include archaeological findings and artefacts that explain life in the coast of Kenya. It is open daily for an exciting tour through its many sections.

There are regular choreographed shows that depict the significance of the fortress as a military base. The performers mock an attack through sound and light effects that take you back to the 16th century. After the exciting show, you can have dinner in the courtyard with the beautiful sky shinning bright over you. A dhow cruise over the ocean is another great way to see the fortress from the sea.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site resembles the outline of a man from a bird’s eye view. The general layout is a wall along the coastline with buildings within and gun turrets with cannons pointing toward the Ocean.

The Portuguese built it to protect Mombasa and thereby guard their trade interests in the region and their trade route. A moat surrounds the fort as a deterrent to daring intruders. They never knew that it would one day become the most significant attraction in the coast because of its historic significance and its unique structure. Its construction was a royal decree of Portugal’s King Philip 1 after several attacks around the coastline.

The initial design had 15-metre walls but the Omans, who were among the many groups that took over ownership of the fort, added three metres. The fortress posed significant power to any army or group that ruled the region. Hence, every subsequent ruler enjoyed control of the fortress.

Due to the many times different nationalities have controlled this landmark, you will notice elements of the Portuguese, Arabs and the British. For instance, the Portuguese had cannons with a 200-metre range but the British increased this by 100 metres. The Arabs engraved inscriptions of the Koran on the doors. In each section of the fortress and the museum, you will find a lot to see and learn.

Map of Fort Jesus Museum

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