Elgeyo Marakwet and Pokot

Elgeyo Marakwet
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The northern counties in the Great Rift Valley, such as Elgeyo Marakwet and Pokot usher you into a region with awe-inspiring and unforgettably beautiful sceneries.

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Beauty of the North Rift

Elgeyo Marakwet and Pokot Counties are home to Nilotic groups, belonging to the Kalenjin Tribe, such as the Tugen, Marakwet, Pokot and the Keiyo.

The region is clothed in beautiful sceneries and idyllic attractions. Elgeyo Marakwet and Pokot counties may not be as popular as other parts of the Great Rift Valley such as Nakuru and Naivasha, but they have copious attractions for adventure seekers to explore.

Where to Visit

Rimoi National Reserve

It is a small park, situated within a larger conservancy, in Kerio Valley.  The largest animals here are elephants, which roam in and out of the valley.  Other animals to see are dik diks, bush pigs, warthogs, monkeys, civets, genets, tortoises and snakes. I t is also popular with bird lovers because the eco system supports a good number of bird species such as weavers, sunbirds, pigeons, hornbills and turacos.

The Kenya Wildlife Service manages this reserve, and there are accommodation spots within and outside the attraction.

Iten View Point

View the beauty of Kerio Valley, the magnificence of Keiyo Escarpment and other features of the North Rift.  Walk to Tirinya, which is behind the large rock.  The spot is so beautiful that you might spend a few hours there taking photos of the region.

Chebloch Gorge

The gorge formed on the channel of Kerio River and over the years, it has deepened to about 20m from the concrete bridge.  The river is crocodile infested and it has catfish and mudfish.

Teren River Bridge

Teren is a gorge that resulted from erosion of basalt rock along the channel of Kerio River. Watch the winding river from Teren River Bridge or have a picnic on the shores as you enjoy the view and see a variety of birds.

Torok Waterfall

The 200m high waterfall is visible from Kolo View Point. A two hour hike from Kolol can take you to the foot of the waterfall.

Cherangani Hills

The hills are about 3500m high. Vegetation on the hills includes afro-alpine, giant groundsel and giant lobelia.

Hiking is preferable during the dry season. This attraction is one of the key treasures of Kenya.

Kipkunurr, Koisungur & Kipteber Hills

Kipkunurr is 3063m high and you can enjoy a 2-hour hike here. It is accessible from Cheptongei. Kipteberr is another interesting destination, offering a 40-minute hike up the 2774m peak.  The other option is Koisungur, which is 3167m.  For an adventurous climb, leave your car a downhill, over 2km away from the hill.

Kiplagoch Caves

The caves were discovered over 200 years ago when the present tribes migrated to the area. The caves were used as shrines and as a safety house from raiders. They are about 5km from Kapyego.

Irrigation Furrows

The irrigation furrows of Marakwet are over 500 years old, and the inhabitants built them to bring water downhill from Embobut, Embolot and Enou rivers.   The locals still depend on these furrows to water their farms. Explore the furrows as you enjoy the scenery and the beauty of the tranquil environment.

Highland Forests

There are several highland forests in the region, such as Kapchemutwi and Lelan. The vegetation is mainly tropical montane. Some sections of the forest are natural with no sighs of any human activity, which makes them great for hiking safaris. Animals to see in these forests include monkeys, the bongo and the striped polecat.

The Hills of Pokot

There are several groups of hills in the region.  Though not as high as other hills in the country, the hills of Pokot are good hiking destinations. These hills include the Cheranyany group, the Sekerr group and Tiati.

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