Eldoret Town in Uasin Gishu

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Eldoret County is popular with hikers because of its unrivalled hiking and rock climbing attractions. Here’s a host of things to see.

The Great Rift’s Beauty and Splendour

The Great Rift Valley has thousands of attractions consisting of water bodies and great sceneries. The North Rift counties of Uasin Gishu and Nandi have a handful of these attractions. However, most visitors forget this destination though it promises a unique, intimate safari experience.

Eldoret is one of the major towns in this region. It is a cosmopolitan town, and one of the largest urban centres in Kenya. when exploring the region, add things to see in Eldoret to your list. However, most of these attractions maybe a few kilometres out of the town.

Places of Interest Near Eldoret

Ndalat Hill

Its 2196m is not a real hiking challenge but it has great sceneries and the steep slopes can be a great workout spot for you.

Keben Salt Lick

This soda water is one of the things to see in Eldoret. This natural formation has a spring that licks alkaline water onto the surface and the rocks forming a small waterfall. The attraction has caves too. Keben Salt Lick is situated near Lessos.

The Nandi Escarpment

This escarpment is the boundary of Nandi District and Kakamega District. It separates North Nandi Forest and Kakamega Forest. A number of attractions are situated here such as Konjoge Reserve, Nandi Rock, Sheu Morobi and Tagessia Hills. The main activity here is hiking and rock climbing.

Keben Springs

 Coloured alkaline water bubbles from underground into the swamp. This attraction is located in Nandi District.

These are some of the less popular attractions in Uasin Gishu and Nandi counties but they offer exciting adventures.

Map of Eldoret Town in Uasin Gishu

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