Eastern Province in Kenya

Eastern Province
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The Eastern Province has attractions like the Chalbi Desert, Sibiloi National Park, Marsabit National Reserve and Meru National Park. If you love mountain climbing, Mount Kenya is there for you to conquer.

Eastern Part of Kenya

The Eastern Province borders the central region of Kenya and the North Eastern Province. It runs all the way from the south to the northern border of Kenya and Ethiopia. Its headquarters is Embu, and this region now has eight counties that are Marsabit, Isiolo, Makueni, Machakos, Embu, Kitui, Tharaka Nithi and Meru. The major communities in this region are the Meru, Embu and Kamba tribes though others have moved to this area too.

Most of the land is arid and semi-arid.  It has one of the driest parts of the country.  The inhabitants depend on agriculture as the main source of income.  Crops grown in this area include coffee, team barley, flowers, vegetables, wheat and cotton.

There are many attractions within this area.

Things to See in Eastern Province

Facts about Kenya show that the Chalbi Desert lies in the Eastern Province.  This harsh land lies east of the Jade Sea- Lake Turkana. This long stretch of sand creates a mirage of an oasis.

Mount Kenya is another attraction within this province. It is the highest mountain in the country.  This region also boasts of Lake Turkana at the north and River Ewaso Nyiro. National Parks include Lake Turkana National Park, Sibiloi National Park, Marsabit National Park & Reserve, Meru National Park and Mount Kenya National Park & Reserve. Other amazing wonders include Loita Hills, Yatta Plateau, Mount Marsabit, Mbooni Hills and Mua Hills.

What to Do in the Eastern Province

Adventures in this region include wildlife safaris in the national park to see animals such as elephants, buffalos, hyenas, Grevy’s zebras, lions, giraffes and leopards. Other activities are camping, sightseeing, mountain climbing, camel riding and agricultural tours.

Map of Eastern Province in Kenya

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