Chyulu Hills National Park

Makueni, Kenya
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Chyulu Hills National Park is popular for its adventurous hiking and camping safaris.

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Of Black Frozen Lava and Extinct Volcanoes

Chyulu Hills are a range of hills that sit on the plains of Eastern Province splitting the plains into two with the Maasai tribe on one side and the Kamba people on the other. The series of extinct volcanoes marry the plains at the foothills offering miles and miles of hiking country for any enthusiastic visitor. The climate is hot and dry most time of the year, and though the hills do not have a permanent water body, rainwater seeps into the rocks and flows to Tsavo River, Mzima Springs and Galana River.

The national park is just part of the bounty for your trip because exploring the rest of the hills not included in the park is quite an experience. These hills are extinct volcanoes whose last eruption took place decades ago. Hike to the top and view Mount Kilimanjaro and Amboseli.

Chyulu Hills National Park Accommodation

Currently, this attraction does not offer accommodation within, but there are luxurious resorts and tented camps in the neighbouring Tsavo West National Park and in a section of Chyulu Hills that is not gazetted as part of the park. However, you can spend a night under the stars in public campsites. There are three campsites. Alternatively, you can stay in a campsite that borders the national park.

The main activity here is game viewing because the park has buffalos, bushbucks, elands, elephants, leopards, giant forest hogs and bush pigs, reptiles and insects among other species. Other activities are camping, hiking, bird watching, cave exploration and horse riding. You need to visit this attraction soon.

Map of Chyulu Hills National Park

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