Central Province in Kenya

Central Province
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Central Province is famous for its agricultural production and great weather. In addition, it has great places to visit such as Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges.

The Central Province of Kenya is the agricultural hub of the country. Plantations of coffee, banana, tea, pineapples, maize etc occupy most of the land. In fact, this province is the chief producer of coffee, and it provides much of the country’s dairy produce.

The dominant community is the Kikuyu. This region is considered their ancestral land. The British took over ownership of the land during colonial rule. To reclaim their land, locals began the Mau Mau movement in a bid to remove settlers from the country and gain independence.

It has five counties that are Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Murang’a, Nyeri and Nyandarua. Nyeri is the headquarters of the province. This province links the rest of the country to the northern frontier towns of Isiolo, Marsabit and Samburu.

Wildlife Safari Activities in Central Kenya

This region has adrenaline packed activities such as white water rafting. Sagana River has grade 3-5 rapids and amazing waterfalls. In addition to white water rafting, this river is a spot for kayaking and diving.

Other activities in this province are game viewing in Mount Kenya and Aberdare National Park, mountain climbing, bird watching and walking adventures.

Where to Stay in Central Province

The region’s favourable climate-with two wet seasons, fertile soils and indigenous vegetation gives it a surreal landscape. Mount Kenya is the major landmark, and most of the counties are on the slopes of this attraction.

Treetops Lodge in Nyeri is one of the most popular luxury resorts for wildlife safaris in this region. It overlooks a watering hole in the Aberdare Mountains. Queen Elizabeth stayed here on night before she ascended from a princess to a queen. Outspan Hotel is another lavish place to stay in Nyeri. Serena Mountain Lodge is on the slopes of the mountain, in a serene, beautiful landscape. You may also stay in the neighbouring towns such as Nanyuki, and spend your holiday at Ol Pejeta House or Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club.

Map of Central Province in Kenya

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