Bomb Blast Memorial Park in Nairobi

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The August 7th bomb blast site is now a memorial park. Families, leaders and visitors visit this park to pay tribute to those who perished.

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Fare Thee Well- A Memorial Park in Nairobi

Right off the traffic congested Haile Selassie Avenue is the Bomb Blast Memorial Park Nairobi, offering a serene place for city dwellers to sit, relax and reflect.  With the skyscrapers in the background and manicured lawns and trees within the park, people can escape even for a few minutes and enjoy the tranquility of the park. This is a unique park. It pays tribute to the people who died during the city’s Black Friday.

On August 7, 1998, a bomb exploded next to the American Embassy in Nairobi, along Haile Selassie Avenue. The impact of this explosion brought down the adjacent building, Ufundi House and shattered windows of all buildings within a kilometer from the truck that carried the explosives. This terrorism act left over 200 people dead and thousands injured, including pedestrians and passengers who were on the busy road.

Ufundi House was flattened by the blast, and later, the America Embassy was taken down. On this land now sits the memorial park. To remember the hundreds who died that day, a board was erected on the bomb blast site listing the names of the victims.  The park is a recreational centre and it hosts events and social gatherings.

Map of Bomb Blast Memorial Park in Nairobi

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