Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

Kilifi, Kenya
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Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve offers unrivalled excursions . It is the largest coastal forest in East Africa.

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The Largest Coastal Forest in the Region

During your beach safari in Kenya, explore Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve. It is East Africa’s largest coastal forest made up of woodlands and tropical vegetation. The Arabuko Sokoke National Park is within this forest reserve.  The reserve is under the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Kenya Forest Service and the National Museums of Kenya. This makes it one of the most protected forests in the country and it is vital to do so because there are endemic plant and animal species.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve Biodiversity

There are 270 species of birds, over 260 species of butterflies, tens of amphibians and mammals. Additionally, there are about 600 recorded species of plants. Endemic species of animals include the Clarke’s Weaver, ader’s duiker, sokoke bush tailed mongoose and the golden rumped elephant shrew.

How to Get to Arabuko Sokoke

The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is at the coast of Kenya, over 100 km from Mombasa and 20km from Malindi. You can travel by road or by air from any part of Kenya.  You can fly to Moi International Airport in Mombasa or Malindi Airstrip then travel by road to the reserve. On the other hand, brave the six hours road trip from the capital city through different landscapes to the coastal region. The area is hot and humid most time of the year, and it has two rainy seasons.

Things to Do at Arabuko Sokoke

Game viewing is the most popular activity. There are dozens of amphibians, mammals and butterflies.  Other activities are camping, bird watching, running, cycling and nature walks. Though accommodation is not available within the reserve, you can stay in luxury resorts around such as Kitsapu Cottages or in Mombasa or Malindi towns. Pack a tube of sunscreen, a camera, a pair of binoculars and get ready for an amazing safari at the coast.

Map of Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

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