Voyager Ziwani in Tsavo West

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A life-changing safari

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Voyager Ziwani is an exclusive camp on the edge of Tsavo West National Park. This is Heritage Hotel’s gift to guests who want a quiet, serene environment where they can unwind without a care in the world.

Enjoy a sweeping view of Mount Kilimanjaro from the comfort of your luxurious tent. This mountain presents a remarkable sight, one that quizzed great adventurers such as Ernest Hemingway. The camp rests on the edge of a dam that draws water from Sante River. This area has historical significance as the location of German troops during the First World War.

You can travel by air or by road to this luxury lodge. Your flight lands at the private airstrip in this area where a vehicle takes you to the resort.

Stay in any of the 25 luxury tents in the resort. More than half of these units face the river, offering a breathtaking view of the mountain. Delight in en-suite facilities that bring comfort to your days and nights in the wild. The spacious tents have large comfortable beds, a reading desk and chair, and a set of chairs on the private veranda. The peaceful environment outside your tent has green scenery overlooking the river. You may spot animals such as hippos and crocodiles on the shores of Sante River.

Arise early to watch the sun sneaking in on this remote location. The snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro greets you every morning letting you know it is another day of fun. Drop in the dining area for a hearty breakfast with courteous staff at your service until you pack up sufficient energy for the day’s expeditions.

Game drives in Tsavo West National Park take you to the natural habitat of black rhinos, buffalos, leopards, lions and giraffes among other species. Other activities are bird watching and Lake Chala excursions.

You get all you need in this lodge because it is

  • Family friendly
  • Accessible from major towns such as Mombasa and Nairobi
  • Secluded and luxurious

An Adventurous, Luxurious Safari

Tsavo West National Park forms a portion of the largest game parks in Kenya. Voyager Ziwani borders this expansive conservation area meaning your wildlife safari must involve uninterrupted expeditions in this park.

The tented resort lies along the shores of Sante River, which is a watering spot for species of Tsavo West. From your tent, you can spot hippos, crocodiles and turtles that roam around the dam. Nonetheless, the best way to experience this jungle is venturing outdoors into the forest and the plains. Children have an adventurer’s club to keep them excited and happy throughout the holiday.

Activities that make this excursion possible are

  • Game viewing expeditions
  • Sightseeing
  • Lake Chala excursions
  • Cultural lectures and entertainment
  • Bush dining

Accommodation in the Jewel of Tsavo

Voyager Ziwani Tented Camp is the best destination for serenity, adventure and luxury. Situated along the banks of Sante River, the dense forest and lush green vegetation around the dam feeding from the river ensures clean fresh air throughout.

You obviously escaped your busy schedule to unwind, relax and enjoy nature and its comfort. Your decision to stay at this resort is not a mistake since you only hope for the best hospitality.

In line with your expectation, this lodge promises to take the heavy burden off your shoulders through adventure areas such as Tsavo National Park, and numerous facilities and amenities within your tent.

By the time your holiday is over, you may crave for more days to keep on enjoying the comfort offered here. The lodge has 25 luxury tents. 16 tents face the river exclusively. Five superior tents are larger and with king size beds to cater for families and groups. You get a firm thatched roof over the canvas and a wooden deck for the flooring.

With transparent netting to bring in natural light during the day, you only pull up the canvas at night. They have different bed sizes such as queen size or two twin beds. These spacious rooms have a bathroom equipped with a shower, toilet and washbasins. You also get a bedside table with a lamp, a reading desk, wardrobe and a dressing area.

You have a choice of a double or twin tent or a triple one. If you have a large family, the triple is the most appropriate option.

A large veranda gives a great spot to relax and watch the river that passes right outside your tent. You can also entertain your family on the deck or have your meals there. Whether you stay in the tent or venture into the park, its comfort all through. If you brought priced possessions like jewellery, ask for a safety deposit box until your holiday is over.

If you need local currency to buy artefacts when you visit the Maasai village, the resort offers currency exchange services. This hotel caters for families and individuals. It can offer accommodation during your honeymoon or other family holiday.

If you need a venue for a destination wedding or a corporate function, this is the place to be. Highlights of your stay at this lodge are

  • Sumptuous and tasty food
  • Modern facilities such as a restaurant and a bar
  • Courteous and professional services
  • Spacious and clean tents
  • Great weather for expeditions
  • Easy access to the resort through the airstrip

How to Get to this Serene Resort

Voyager Ziwani Tented Camp is about 257km from the capital city Nairobi. Maps and directions show that the distance from Mombasa is longer, at 273km. This resort rests on the western side of Tsavo on the shores of Sante River. From the tents, you can watch wildlife in the dam that gets water from the river. It occupies a serene environment with lush greenery and a thick forest inhabited by different species of birds.

Flora and fauna is the major attraction that brings guests from all parts of the world. Since Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s largest reserve, most of the indigenous vegetation and wildlife resides here. This prime land has been the focus for locals and foreigners even in pre-independent Kenya. The land within the resort was a garrison for the German army while the region around Grogan’s Castle was the battlefield where German and British soldiers clashed during the First World War.

To get to this paradise, you can rent a vehicle from Nairobi. The over five-hour journey takes you through different landscapes consisting of rolling hills and savannah. Traverse the countryside from the capital city to Emali, Loitokitok to Njukini and beyond. You can also hire a car from Mombasa and drive through Voi and Taveta. Car hire makes the trip adventurous because you have to stick to maps and directions and find your way just like in reality road races. Enjoy the experience with your family as each of you contributes to get you to the resort.

Nonetheless, you can opt for a chauffeured ride or shuttle buses taking guests to this hotel. It is more relaxing because you don’t need driving directions, and it lets you sit back all the way.

For a faster trip, book a flight from Nairobi or Mombasa to the private airstrip in this resort. This journey takes about an hour and a few minutes. To make your trip worthwhile and stress free

  • Book your flight in advance
  • Avoid excess luggage because it can be quiet costly
  • Get all your travel documents in order early
  • Check the schedule of shuttle buses or vans heading to this region
  • Find an efficient driver and car hire service
  • Do not attempt a road trip unless you have the right directions

Enjoy Exquisite Cuisine in the Wilderness

Voyager Tented Camp in Tsavo West offers an out of this world experience through exemplary customer care and luxurious facilities and amenities. You may mistake this lodge for a kingly residence because of the sheer treatment and attention from the staff. The tranquillity of the environment and the lush green landscape next to the dam yields a great atmosphere for holidaymakers.

Watch guests and children fishing in the dam adjacent to the resort. The lounge overlooks the dam and the river where crocodiles and hippos lurk during the day. You can spot these animals basking in sun on the riverbank.

Another reason that makes this resort the ultimate destination is the food. Enjoy an intimate meal while sitting in an open sided dining area in full view if the river and the forest around it. A wooden perimeter wall runs around the dining area. This tented camp uses d’hôte style cuisine, with a wide variety of sumptuous meals. Walk in for a buffet style breakfast in the outdoor dining area beside the dam. The lush greenery and the water create eye candy for diners with the thick and tall trees giving a shade from the African sun. A gentle breeze blows by and birds nesting on the trees chirp the morning away.

At Voyager Ziwani, whether you dine indoors or on the green grass, the food is amazing. Do not worry about getting dishes you have never heard off because in this resort, there is an excellent blend of popular food such as pizza and noodles. Vegetarians have a special package to make their holiday memorable. A dedicated and competent chef to turn their dietary needs into excellent meals served in the most comfortable and professional style.

The restaurant prepares packed lunch for guests heading for a day’s excursion in Tsavo West National Park or to historic attractions in the area. Candle lit dinner on the lawn is an exceptional way to end the day especially for honeymooners or families. A campfire warms the area around the table.

Sit on the long stools in the open bar as you sip a drink and view the landscape. Voyager Ziwani is the right hotel for your vacation because

  • It lies within Tsavo West National Park, which is one of the most popular reserves in the country
  • The restaurant caters for couples, families and individuals
  • It is a great destination for a couple on their honeymoon

Get Professionals on the Job

The perfect destination for any tourist is a serene location that appeals to the five senses and brings a relaxing and refreshing experience. Voyager Ziwani combines these features to offer an irresistible wildlife safari experience.

The bush is a footstep away from the tents because the attractive lush green landscape starts outside the lodge. The scenery engages your sight all through the day and night. During the day, the sun shines over the dam and the trees creating a tranquil, green environment. At night, lamps and lights in the lodge transforms the area into an ambient campsite. The fresh air and soothing sounds of birds and animals in the vicinity presents a cool atmosphere as you sample delicious meals in the restaurant.

Excellent facilities and amenities

This camp has a lounge, a bar and an indoor and outdoor dining area. The spacious outdoor area around the camp is the perfect place for guests to bask as they fish or sit and watch the river. To ensure guests are comfortable, the resort offers daily laundry service, telephone, fax, email service, efficient electricity supply, currency exchange and safety deposit boxes.

Great accommodation

You have a choice 25 beautifully decorated tents that have en-suite facilities. The spacious rooms have a private deck, where guests can relax during the day or evening. The canvas has transparent netting that offers a great view of the river from inside the tent. Who would ignore such pleasure?

Heritage Hotels has a number of international awards due to the team’s excellence in hospitality services. Voyager Ziwani extends this reputation by bringing on board, competent, courteous and experienced personnel. Each guest gets personal attention, and when hosting events, you get expert assistance during the planning and implementation stage. Whether you are planning a surprise birthday party, a wedding or a corporate meeting, the team in this lodge knows that you want the best. Since you are at the heart of the jungle, Tsavo West National Park is a game drive away. Organise a game excursion for your corporate team or family so that they also experience the joy and excitement of a wildlife safari.

Why Vogayer Ziwani is the Best Resort

Voyager Ziwani is a luxurious camp in Tsavo West National Park. This resort overlooks a dam that feeds from Sante River. The region has a past that dates back to the First World War. German troops run an army garrison in this area. This magical land yields delightful view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Enjoy this panorama from any part of the camp.

A number of animals roam around the river creating another spectacle for guests. Watch hippos and crocodiles as they swim or bask on the riverbank. The area has lush green vegetation right from the tents to the dam. This mingles with acacia bushes that offer a cool shade for the camp’s structures. The thatched roofs of the tents and the resort’s buildings complement the green vegetation creating a scenic outdoor environment.


Voyager Ziwani has 25 luxury tents. These spacious units give you en-suite facilities to make your Kenya safari experience unforgettable. Wake up to a hot shower in the bathroom or wash your face in the washbasin after a day in the park. You also have a flush toilet in the tent. Since the camp caters for individuals as well as groups, the bathrooms are spacious for use by couples and families.Enjoy the scenery early in the morning as the sun peeps through the trees. Watch animals as they wake up in the bush near the river. The tents walls have transparent netting so that natural light can penetrate the room. It also gives you unrivalled view of the area as you relax on the bed.

The interior portrays a cool and homely atmosphere with mats and bedside lamps. The draping on the bed and the floor complements the light colour on the canvas. You can opt for a tent with a queen size bed or one with two twin beds.

Facilities and Amenities

To live up to the demand for international quality in Kenya safari tours, this lodge offers world-class facilities and amenities such as

  • An airstrip
  • Telephone, fax and electronic mail services
  • Dining room, lounge and a bar
  • Safety deposit box
  • Laundry and valet service
  • Wake up call with tea
  • Currency exchange service


Do not expect any dull day or night because this camp is the epitome of fun and adventure. To relax within the resort, sit on the deck of your tent and watch wildlife in the river. The restaurant and bar also gives a great view of the region. If you like, combine this leisurely activity with a bush meal.

Drive through Tsavo West National Park to spot different species that inhabit this area. The open sided vehicles let you see giraffes, leopards, lions and buffalos roaming the plains and the bush. Embark on a trip to Gicheha Farm to learn more about the legendary Sniper Tree. Children have a dozen activities in the Adventurer and Young Ranger clubs.

At night, sit back in the lounge as a group of Maasai dancers break into song and dance. Join them to get a feel of African culture and tradition. Alternatively, embark on a game drive to spot hippos in the river. After your experience in this location, you will never forget how it feels like to travel to Africa.