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Tipilikwani Luxury Camp, Maasai Mara
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Luxury in Maasai Mara

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Escape to the Maasai Mara National Reserve for a memorable vacation at Tipilikwani Luxury Camp. Situated between the Talek and Sekenani gates of the reserve, this lodge gives unrivalled views of the expansive savannah vegetation beyond Talek River. This part of the reserve plays an important role during the annual great migration. The camp’s proximity to the river and the plains ensures you can watch the millions of wildebeests, zebras, gazelles and other species grazing in the vast grassland.

This intimate and luxurious resort lets you enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the reserve. With only 20 tents, expect personalised services throughout your vacation. The team of able and qualified staff courteously attends to you day and night.  Apart from exceptional hospitality, the cool atmosphere in the resort, coupled with the amazing blend of architecture and interior decor turns your holiday into an out of this world experience.

Walk into spacious, clean and comfortable tents. There are different bed capacities with two tents catering for families. The interior is immaculate. An African theme resonates in the tent, on the carpets, paintings and the furniture. Bright colours of the beddings and drapery reflect the natural light creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere. This en-suite tented camp has spacious bathrooms. Luxury is the focal point of all services offered in this lodge.

Dine on the bank of Talek River or in the dining room. Delight in excellent food and wine as you watch animals in the river. This unforgettable dining experience lets you eat while sitting a few metres away from the jaws of a crocodile, hippo or other animal roaming in the waters of Talek River.

Indulge in different adventures that take you to the heart of the Maasai Mara. Experience the joy of a guided day or night game drive to the depth of the reserve. Watch different species go about their activities, from the hunting escapades of carnivores to the herbivores grazing in acacia bushes.

In the evening, sit around a campfire as you listen to the sounds of different species in the reserve. Relax in the camp as morans from the local community burst into song and dance to entertain guests. A cultural visit to their village, known as manyattas, enlightens you on their culture and customs.

Schedule your stay at Tipilikwani Camp for your safaris in Kenya because it caters for all people whether you are here for a family holiday or your honeymoon.

It is the place to be for

  • Exceptional hospitality service
  • Adventure
  • Excellent food

Explore Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Your stay at Tipilikwani Camp keeps you within the boundaries of this great attraction. The expansive plains at your doorstep and Talek River meandering past the camp, you have a sweeping view of the reserve.

There is a lot to do here. Escape from the hustles and bustles of your daily life for a long overdue stay in this cool environment. Rejuvenate your system with unpolluted, healthy air in the miles of savannah plains. Escape from the stress to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a place where hospitality experts make you feel at home. They treat you like a king and attend to your needs.

Here, every day and night brings a share of pampering comfort in the tent, the restaurant and in the wild.  Since you want nothing but the best of safaris in Kenya, there are many activities for children, families, individuals and couples.

Indulge in

  • Game drives
  • Bush dining
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Cultural visits
  • Cultural entertainment

Spacious, Cosy and Chic

Tipilikwani Camp lives up to its name of being a luxurious accommodation resort. Forget the traditional camping safaris where you only get a tent and food. Here, you have utmost luxury from the moment you step into the resort.  There are 20 tents beautifully designed cottages. These spacious units built on different parts of the resort give you the privacy you need.

The en-suite facilities have a large bathtub, washbasin, shower and a flush toilet. The bathroom is spacious and adorned with creative decor such as carpets and mirrors. This lodge has accommodation in

  • Two family tents
  • Four tents with king size beds
  • Twelve tents with queen size beds

Choose from the array of tents based on the number of people staying with you, and the bed size you want. Families stay in any of the two family tents. These consist of two single tents connected to form a large tent suitable for families. In one of these two connected tents is a king size bed while the other unit has two queen size twins.

If you prefer individual beds, such as when you have a group of friends, settle for any of the four tents that have king size double beds. Nonetheless, there are other 12 tents with queen size twin beds.

Quality assurance is a priority in the camp’s services. To ensure guests derive comfort and satisfaction from their vacations in this lodge, there is

  • A team of competent hospitality and catering staff
  • A uniquely designed accommodation package

 Retreat to this paradise for a memorable holiday. You can bring your family along since this is a child friendly camp. In addition, you can book your honeymoon in this location, which has a number of attractions in the area. Let a competent person worry about where you sleep, what you eat and where you go. The personnel in Tipilikwani Luxury Camp understand that your holiday does not need inconveniences and substandard services. Hence, you are in safe and capable hands. Book your luxury tent now.

Find Your Way to Tipilikwani

Tipilikwani Camp is accessible from major towns in Kenya such as Nairobi and Mombasa. Situated between the Talek and Sekenani gates of Maasai Mara National Reserve, you get daily expeditions to view wildlife. This camp is open all year round. The most popular months for most guests are from July to October in order to take advantage of the holiday and view the great migration. During this internationally acclaimed season, millions of wildebeests cross the plains and rivers from Tanzania as they head into Kenya. They bring along thousands of zebras and gazelles.

However, there are thousands of animals roaming the plains annually so you always get something to see any time of the year. This lodge offer amazing view of the plains and the forest. All you need to do is to book your trip and embark on a jaw dropping adventure where wild animals thrive.

There are two means of transport. You can arrive by road or by air. From Nairobi, the journey takes about five hours to cover the 270-mile distance. Maasai Mara is a famous destination that is on most tourists’ tour package. Therefore, there are regular shuttle buses that transport guests to this area. You can also opt for a private car privacy and comfort. If you are arriving from Mombasa, you can also use a shuttle bus, or pick a rental car for use throughout your vacation.

By air, embark on an hour’s journey from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the all weather airstrip at Olkiombo. There are two daily scheduled flights by Safari link and Air Kenya. You can also depart from Mombasa through flights by Mombasa Air Service and Air Kenya. Check the departure times as well as the luggage limit indicated by these air travel companies.

Highlights of your trip

  • A road trip takes you through diverse terrain in the countryside
  • A road trip is the best option for an adventure seeker
  • You can stopover along the way to capture pictures of interesting landscapes and scenery
  • A flight takes the least time so that you can start  the fun part as soon as possible

A Sumptuous Treat

There are a million ways to make your vacation memorable and relaxing. One of these ways is getting the right food, served in the right atmosphere. Tipilikwani Luxury Camp fulfils your wish by offering a number of dining setups. To get the most out of your holiday experience, you have the option of enjoying your meal indoors or in the open, either the

  • Dining room
  • Bush dining

Food and drink can make or break your vacation experience. You need quality, tasty meals to replenish the system after endless fun in the wild. The culinary team in this resort draws inspiration from the desire to make guests feel at home even though they are miles away from their motherland. Hence, the menu incorporates various international and local dishes.

The chefs use fresh, quality produce to prepare finger-licking delights for guests from all regions. You can consult the chef for particular preferences to get the right dietary requirements. After a hearty meal, you can relax in the African themed lounge. This spacious room exudes a cool atmosphere with sufficient natural light streaming in.

Dine Indoors

The Maasai Mara extends for miles presenting the perfect scenery during your safari. This camp brings a bit of the landscape to your dining environment. You do not have to walk for miles to see animals since this lodge sits on the edge of Talek River.  The open sided dining room lets you marvel at the scenery as you enjoy the meals. Cool air sweeps through the room creating a soothing atmosphere.  Delight in the three-course lunch and the four-course dinner.

Bush Dining

Sometimes, the best way to appreciate nature is to get as close as you can. Bush dining takes you outdoors to combine the aroma of excellent food with the natural activities going on in the plains and the bushes. It is a romantic setting, but one that you can always enjoy even when dining alone.

The riverbank is another popular spot for bush dining enthusiasts. The sound of the flowing river mingles with the sound of leaves as the wind whistles by the grassland. This creates a relaxing environment where food becomes more than just a meal. This dining experience lingers in your mind for ages.  The creative table setup and exquisite choice of china, food and wine turns the meal into a story. A story of the day you spent by the river, eating, drinking and making merry.

All Events or Parties are Welcome

You do not know what catering and hospitality is all about, until you hold a function at Tipilikwani Luxury Camp in Maasai Mara. This tented lodge redefines luxury. It brings on board a new concept that combines the conventional safari experience with modern comfort, facilities and amenities.

Your function, whether it is a destination wedding, birthday party, corporate meeting or a group celebration, requires the best catering services. This camp promises the best quality of accommodation, food, venue and planning services to make your guests comfortable and thoroughly entertained.

With 20 tents, there is sufficient accommodation for your group. They can stay in tents with king or queen size beds. All tents have en-suite services in spacious bathrooms that guests can only marvel at and thank you finding the best venue. This resort is accessible from all parts of Kenya. There is a road connecting the national reserve to Nairobi and Mombasa along which guests can drive to or from other major towns in the country. In addition, there is an airstrip about 25 minutes from the camp. Once guests land at the airstrip from Nairobi or other town, a road transfer vehicle takes them to the resort.

Wine and dine with your guests in the dining room. There is a scenic view of the plains and the river. Unwind as you sample tasty cuisine prepared and served to your preferences. Ask the chefs to prepare special meals for your guests so that everyone enjoys what they get on the plate. The al fresco dining set up brings your teams together as you exchanges thoughts and feelings about the lovely environment.

The lounge is the best place to embark on serious matters as you deliberate and discuss issues. The vibrant room has African themed furniture and decorations. If you are organising a destination wedding, the competent team in this camp offers advice about the right setting, menu and other factors of the nuptial celebration.

In essence, this is the best place to hold your function because

  • There is a team of professionals with experience in catering for large groups
  • There are interesting packages and Tipilikwani Luxury Camp rates for groups and events
  • It is a unique environment away from the city

An Intimate, Luxury Camp

Tipilikwani Luxury Camp, situated in Maasai Mara National Reserve, is a tented lodge with 20 tents. It sits along the banks of Talek River offering guests great view of the reserve. The tents overlook the river and the plains of the game reserve. Therefore, you get unprecedented view of the plains where thousands of animals graze and hunt.

This game reserve is popular all over the world because of the eight wonder- the great migration. When you stay here, you are not only close to a natural wonder that baffles scientists and environmentalists alike, but you also experience the joy of a Kenyan Safari.

Animals roam around the river and the savannah. Marvel at large mammals such as elephants and carnivores like the king of the jungle, elusive cheetahs and leopards as well as dozens of birds nesting in acacia trees.


The 20 tents offer different bed capacities. This lodge receives guests from different parts of the globe. Families, couples on their honeymoon, groups of friends and leisure travellers book their stay here because of the camp’s proximity to the game reserve. You can enjoy the same luxury and comfort by selecting from the array of tents.

The two family tents consist of two interconnecting tents to make up a large room. The interconnected tents have a king size bed in one room and two queen size twins in the other. If you want a smaller room, go for any of the four tents that offer king size double beds or the 12 tents with queen size twins.

Facilities and Amenities

This tented resort offers en-suite accommodation. The spacious bathroom has a bathtub, shower and a washbasin. Relax on the deck outside your tent and see the beauty of the plains. Other facilities and amenities are

  • Dining room
  • Lounge
  • Bush dining
  • Laundry
  • Tour guides


Indulge in as many activities as you can during the day or night. This tented lodge lets you discover the wild, explore the reserve and enjoy the soothing effect of nature. The most popular activity is game viewing. With thousands of square kilometres to explore, daily drives to the game reserve give you endless hours of fun. Discover animals such as lions, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, wildebeests, cheetahs, leopards and jackals among others. Embark on the guided night game drive to spot elusive species that hunt during the night.

Bush dining can help you relax in the wilderness. Sit by the banks of the river or in the plains. You can combine bush dining with a hot air balloon ride over the reserve. This early morning adventure leads to a bush breakfast where you unwind and talk about your experience in the hot air balloon.

Learn about the local community through cultural visits to the village. Interact with the Maasai tribe and discover their customs, dressing and culture.

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