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Solio Lodge, Mount Kenya
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A Serene Resort Overlooking Mount Kenya

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Stunning, intimate, relaxing, modern are a few words that describe Solio Lodge, and what it’s like to stay in this plush resort overlooking Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges.   We can take the praise statements further since this resort sits on the large Solio Game Reserve thereby offering a secluded holiday spot, which is the ultimate ingredient for an awesome safari.

Solio Lodge is laid out perfectly so you have absolute comfort and privacy in your room. The rondavel style cottages have thatched roofs and spacious interiors. Individual travellers, couples, families or groups can retreat to this beautiful landscape and live comfortably. Each unit is en-suite, with a large bathroom fitted with washbasins, a toilet and a shower.  A hot water bottle keeps your bed warm at night given the fact that Solio Lodge is in a high altitude region.

Located a few kilometres from Nanyuki Town, when staying here, you are a short distance from the equator line. Therefore, expect great weather for those exciting game drives in a land cruiser that takes on the rough country to let you spot lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and cheetahs among other species.

The Solio Game Ranch, where you find this opulent lodge is a renowned breeding sanctuary for the black and white rhinos. Horseback riding, walking safaris, trout fishing, exploring Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges are other must-attempt activities.

 When hunger pangs strike and you need sumptuous meals and relaxing drinks, walk into the mess for exquisite meals while watching wildlife roaming close to the resort. For an intimate dining experience, ask for candlelit meals.

 The staff deserves a mention, and you will probably go on and on about the exceptional service received at Solio Lodge. From the housekeepers to the reception desk, the manager to the trackers and guides, except the warm-hearted hospitality of Africa.  Makes you feel like family.

Excursions in Mount Kenya

Holidays are about letting yourself go, exploring attractions and destinations the world over, enjoying a variety of cuisines and having a ball to forget the crappy, often depressing hustles of life. That’s why you are visiting Kenya, to have a great time away from home, where the sun shines throughout and the flora and fauna is exceptional.

Now that you are staying at the lavish Solio Lodge, so close to Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges, you will have an exciting safari within Solio Game Reserve and in other attractions in the vicinity. Set on the plains between Nanyuki, Nyeri and Nyahururu, there are numerous ways of enjoying this picturesque landscape such as

  • Game drives
  • Horse riding
  • Trout fishing
  • Children’s adventures
  • Walking safaris
  • Mountain Climbing

Stay in Plush Rooms

Sleep in a large room that is opulently furnished with a large bed, an en-suite bathroom and a lounge area. Beautiful pieces of furniture turn the room into a spacious palatial unit.  The large windows in this room give unrivalled view of the lush green compound, the plains and the hills that form the backdrop.

 From this elegant room, you can stay up all night just enjoying the serene, stillness of this far-flung location, being miles away from the main road or any village or town. Each room is thoughtfully decorated with African themed wall paintings, artefacts, African themed lighting fixtures and lamps. Mats turn the floor into a cosy, homely area and the bright colours of the furniture and beddings bring a warm glow into the unit.

 Each room has a fireplace. Since Solio Lodge is in a high altitude region, the fire will keep you warm, and a hot water bottle will set the bed for you every evening.  Expect that level of hospitality in this resort.

Solio Lodge is a six-room resort, in the privately owned Solio Ranch. On this property is a game reserve where you will spend most of your time viewing elephants, rhinos, cheetahs and lions among other species.

After a day’s exploration of the reserve, the mountains and national parks get back to your room for a relaxing bath before heading out for dinner at the general mess. The layout of this lavish resort puts everything without arm’s reach. Within minutes, you are in the mess enjoying a delicious meal and you can stroll to your room for the night.

The ambience, from the wonderful choice of colours, makes the room glow during the day and night. The space lets you move without bumping into stuff and if you are on a family holiday, everyone gets room for this and that activity.  Room 5 and 6 serve have interconnecting doors so they have as a large family suite. It has a spacious lounge, and you can have two more beds brought in to cater for your family. So much flexibility at this lodge.

Paradise Awaits

Solio Lodge is a luxury resort, with six rooms, perched on the plains of Solio Ranch, which is a game reserve. This park is home to elephants, lions, cheetahs and buffalos. It is famous all over the world for its conservation efforts to save the white and black rhinos. It has a serene environment with mature trees punctuating the savannah and hills here and there. Mount Kenya watches over the region, at a distance, and the Aberdare Ranges occupy the other side of the region.

The rooms at Solio Lodge give unforgettable views of the mountain and wildlife. The large glass windows bring in a beautiful scenery that will make you long to explore all attractions within and beyond the ranch.

To get here for this awesome safari, you can drive from Nairobi or take a flight.  Solio Ranch is accessible from any part of the country. Its location, close to the equator, makes it easy for guests touring the northern frontier towns of Samburu to drive through Nanyuki to Solio. From the coast or the Great Rift Valley, next door, you can get to this lodge within a few hours.

The road trip from Nairobi takes about 3-4hours. It is a ride through the countryside through Thika town, Sagana to Nyeri Town. Drive about 30km from Nyeri on the Nyeri- Nyahururu Road while enjoying the greenery, the Aberdare Ranges in the backdrop and Mount Kenya.

Flights from Nairobi or any other town in Kenya such as Mombasa, Malindi and Naivasha lands at Nanyuki Airstrip, where a road transfer vehicle take you to Solio Ranch. You can also book a charter flight from Nairobi to Solio Ranch’s airstrip.

The Chef Will Take Care of You

The beauty of Solio Game Reserve is not something to forget after a holiday here.  You will capture this experience with your eyes and on the lens, so that when you leave, you have so much to re-live and enjoy until you get back here for another dose of fun and adventure.

This reserve is not big in size like other famous parks such as Maasai Mara and Tsavo, but it has its share of adventures and experiences that only this part of the word can offer. The undulating plains, the distant hills, Mount Kenya, the Aberdare Ranges and other jaw-dropping scenes will make you fall in love with this ranch.  Wildlife graces the endless plains, and a walk can take you to their habitats.

One experience that every guest looks forward to in any holiday, is the moment spent in the dining room.  Sumptuous food, exemplary treatment, an array of cuisines and the chance to dine in unique atmosphere or setting are some of the elements that control every guest’s dining experience. The catering team at Solio Lodge knows how to satisfy this need.

They treat you to delicious meals every day, with exquisite fresh salads until you have your fill. This being a family friendly lodge, children, and any other person with special dietary needs can have meals customized to their nutritional requirement.

Solio Lodge has a vegetable garden so you are assured of quality fresh herbs and vegetables in your food. Dining out in the yard is an awesome experience while enjoying the view of Mount Kenya. It is a great place to bond with your family or friends as you dig into a divine meal.

A Magical Honeymoon

Celebrate the success of your nuptial ceremony by taking time away from family and friends to ‘hide’ with your spouse in the secluded plains of Solio Game Reserve, which is in the central part of Kenya. This beautiful place calls out to the hopeless romantics who need space to start life together as husband and wife.

Solio Lodge has six rooms, which makes the experience homely and intimate with the staff ready to attend to the needs of all guests. This team is professionally trained to cater for a diverse audience because this lodge receives guests from near and far.

There are numerous activities for newlyweds. The most popular of these is game viewing, for a chance to see and learn about the beauty of Kenya. Lions, giraffes, cheetahs, buffalos, black and white rhinos grace the plains of Solio Game Reserve. Other interesting adventures are walking, mountain climbing, horse riding and trout fishing.  You can already see the fun and romance these activities can ignite.

Solio Lodge also caters for formal and informal events and meetings such as team building getaways and parties. Its secluded location in a large conservation area makes it a great place for groups and teams to relax away from the city to strategize or celebrate a successful venture.

The rooms at this resort are spacious and furnished with modern facilities and amenities. Groups and families can stay in the rooms with interconnecting doors. Each unit displays a unique combination of interior decor and modern comfort. The African themed wall paintings, lamps, carpets, carvings and the room layout and design echo a passion for interior beauty. This beauty makes every guest feel at home.

A Stunning Resort Out of Town

The breathtaking Mount Kenya comes into view as you drive across the countryside from Nyeri towards Nyahururu. The beautiful plains, punctuated by hills and the awe-inspiring Aberdare Ranges offer a splendid backdrop against Mount Kenya, which is on the other side.

Solio Lodge is a secluded resort, which is within the private Solio Ranch. This ranch is world famous for its conservation efforts to save the black and white rhinos. It houses one of the most successful rhino sanctuaries that have played a major role in breeding this endangered species.

The six-room resort ushers you into a land of luxury, exceptional wildlife safaris, horseback riding and mountain climbing if you can’t keep your feet off the highest peak in the country-Mount Kenya.


Solio lodge has six elegant rooms, furnished in a unique, modern style. The distinctive element the resort’s accommodation is the fireplace within the rooms, to keep you warm and enhance the ambience. These rooms have large glass windows that give sweeping view of the lush vegetation in the compound and distant hills. It sought of feels like you are living in the wild.

Facilities and Amenities

A good lodge is worth its salt if its level of luxury beats other venues.  This resort is in a class of its own because of its choice of facilities and they fit into the rooms and the general use areas remarkably. You get

  • A mini bar
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Spa treatment
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hot water
  • Hairdryers
  • Sewing kits
  • Mini bar
  • Yoga mat
  • Dressing gowns


Explore Solio Game Reserve and surrounding attractions during your stay at the stylish Solio Lodge. Black and white rhinos, leopards, cheetahs and buffalos are some of the species that roam this marvellous country. For an adventure-filled holiday, take part in

  • Game drives
  • Walking safaris
  • Cycling safaris
  • Mountain climbing
  • Trout fishing
  • Horse riding

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