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Samburu National Reserve
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An Oasis in the North

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Samburu Intrepids Lodge Kenya has a serene environment that makes your vacation a truly unforgettable experience. Located on the banks of Ewaso Nyiro River, it enjoys a cool breeze that makes the atmosphere in the resort perfect for your holiday. This river attracts a myriad of wildlife species that tickle in to quench their thirst. Hence, you may get several wild friends roaming around in the vicinity. The luxury tents sit on a raised platform thereby offering splendid view of the river.

Within the 28 luxurious tents, you get nothing but the best facilities and amenities for your safari in Kenya. The en-suite units have a private terrace where you can watch the wild and the river at any time of day or night. Within the resort, you have a

  • Swimming pool
  • Conference room
  • Bookshop
  • Boutique
  • Footwear store
  • Safety deposit box
  • Currency exchange and many more

Apart from the river, the tents let you marvel at the sweeping view of the rest of Samburu. This arid area has a scenic landscape with Mount Ololokowe standing tall and wide. Often times, the river takes all the attention because it brings wildlife to the region, and attracts the mostly nomadic community to the area.

Your safari in Kenya must involve game viewing and other excursions into the jungle. This resort lets you spend a fulfilling vacation touring Buffalo Springs Reserve or Samburu National Reserve. Spot exclusive species that you can only find in this area such as the reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx and Grevy’s zebra among others. Your holiday is not complete unless you see elephants, lions, crocodiles and other animals of the African jungle.

At Samburu Intrepids Lodge Kenya, you can also take part in cultural visits to learn about the local community, enjoy star gazing, camel rides and nature walks. It is a camp for adults and children alike since when parents enjoy game viewing, kids have an adventure club to educate them about the jungle and its flora and fauna.

This camp sits away from the rest of the world in a quite location. Do not worry about booking a cramped or congested hotel because in this resort, it is intimate and you have nothing to hold you back as you have fun. Just let go and allow the competent and professional staff to worry your meals, take you on wild excursions and organise your sleeping area. This is what adventure is all about.

What's in Store for you?

Fun and adventure is the main thing on the mind of any person when planning a vacation. Samburu Intrepids Lodge makes this dream a reality with a package of activities to keep you busy, happy and relaxed throughout your safari. This is possible because of the resort’s exotic location at the heart of the game land in northern Kenya. Here, your holiday promises endless hours under the sun.

Game viewing starts from inside your tent. Through the screens of the tent, you can see wildlife activity in the river and beyond. You have a fantastic view of the area from all parts of your spacious tent whether you are on the bed the lounge are or on the deck.

Activities lined up for you are

  • Game viewing
  • Nature walks
  • Star gazing
  • Camel rides
  • Bush dining
  • Camping safari
  • Cultural visits
  • Culture education sessions

An Unforgettable Experience

Kenya safaris involve days in the wild as you marvel at the rich flora and fauna. By booking your stay at Samburu Intrepids Lodge, it is a declaration that you want the best accommodation services the country has to offer. Indeed, this resort promises to give you the best facilities and amenities.

It has 28 tents perched on different parts of the resort in order to offer utmost privacy to guests. The tents sit on a raised deck supported by concrete beams. A thatched roof covers the tent shielding it from the forest of trees around it. What you get is an intimate accommodation overlooking Ewaso Nyiro River and the plains of Samburu National Reserve.

Step into a room furnished with modern furniture. The queen size bed takes centre stage in the room, but it leaves a spacious section leading to the en-suite bathroom. A lounge sits snug along with a reading desk and a chair. In the bathroom, you have a modern toilet, washbasins and a shower.

The tent’s walls have green netting that creates translucent windows. Through these screens, you enjoy great view of the river right from your tent. Vibrant colours in the interior decor create a stunning room with shades of hot pink, white, brown and beige. Intricate lighting adds a touch of life and warmth to the unit.

The forest around the tents purifies the air and offers a cool shade where you can relax on the private deck. Sit on a chair, on the veranda , as you unwind and capture the sights and sounds of Samburu. This location is miles away from the towns and cities, which means the natural vegetation is intact. Birds and other animals frequent the forest along the riverbanks. Simple wildlife activity in that area is enough to leave a smile on your face as you marvel at nature and its beauty.

You should think about staying in this resort because

  • It caters for individuals and families
  • The tents are spacious
  • You get hot water and bug repellent
  • A wake up call comes with coffee or tea

How to Get to the Lodge

The northern part of Kenya is a popular destination for tourists. It offers natural vegetation, a wide range of wildlife species, great climate and a number of luxurious hotels. Samburu Intrepids Lodge is the best option for you when touring this area because it caters for all elements that make a great safari. In this resort, you have access to

  • Samburu National Reserve and Buffalo Springs Reserve
  • 28 luxury tents
  • Tasty meals prepared and served by experts
  • Unique activities like camel riding and stargazing

This hotel sits on prime land along the banks of Ewaso Nyiro River. It borders the national reserve. To get here, you need to cover about 345km from the capital city Nairobi. You can use road or air transport. By air, book a flight through any of the air travel companies that fly to this region such as Safarilink and Air Kenya.

These companies have daily flights from Wilson Airport in the capital city to Samburu’s airstrip. The flight takes about an hour, and you need another 20 minutes for road transfer to the hotel. You can also fly from other towns in the tourism circuit such as Nanyuki through private flights.

A road trip is quite adventurous and it takes about six hours. It takes you through three provinces and a number of counties. From Nairobi, you drive through Thika watching the sprawling pineapple plantation on either side of the road.

About an hour later, your entourage snakes through hills and valleys in the central part of the country. This stunning landscape contains expansive cultivated fields with maize, bananas and coffee. As you draw near to the Rift Valley, Mount Kenya stands tall at a distance. The journey takes you closer to this landmark as you drive around it to the leeward side of Nanyuki.

The Equator is one of the popular stopovers for a chance to take photos along the equator line. Several curios and shops offer artefacts and other traditional regalia you can carry to remember your stopover at the equator. Drive through Nanyuki town, which is famous for its world-class hotels and attractions.

The trip proceeds through Timau into Isiolo and drive on further to archers post which is a short distance from Samburu National Reserve. A road trip is a wise option if you do not intend to visit other parts of the country. It lets you savour the geographical wealth of the country.

Wine and Dine in Samburu

Samburu Intrepids Lodge is an all time favourite destination for many vacationers. In most cases, such guests are looking for luxurious accommodation in the wild, in a place where they can enjoy nature, wildlife and great weather.

Retreat to this spot for an unrivalled holiday experience. Apart from the comfort of staying in an en-suite tent with a large queen size bed, you also get a private deck with bar service throughout the day. Ask for drinks to while the day away as you watch wildlife in the river, without leaving your tent.

This resort invests in the best culinary masters in the country. Meet a team of trained and experienced chefs who know how to give you just the right cuisine during your holiday. The dining room has a thatched roof over open sided walls with a perimeter railing. This lets you watch wildlife while enjoying tasty meals.

A cool breeze from the trees in the area blows through the dining room spreading the aroma of exquisite food all around. This room can accommodate about 60 guests in its neat arrangement of chairs and tables. It connects you to the outdoor dining area where the resort serves breakfast and lunch.

The bar is next to the swimming pool. Sit on the high stools as an attendant behind the bar prepares serves your drink. The bar leads to the lounge where you can take part in evening lectures and slide shows about animals and the local culture.

At Samburu Intrepids Lodge, you can dine

  • In the dining room
  • In the outdoor dining area
  • In the bush
  • On the private deck

Such flexibility allows you to select where you want to dine from based on the people you are entertaining and your mood. If you brought your family for this trip, the deck of the family room is spacious, and mealtime is an opportunity for the family to bond. If you are on your honeymoon, ignite the flame of love with a bush meal. It is romantic and relaxing.

Events and Meetings in Samburu

Corporate functions, weddings, birthday and graduation parties require a serene environment where guests and hosts can mingle and derive the most out of the function. Samburu hotels offer such platforms where you can plan and host your event successfully.

Intrepid Tented Camp is one of the popular destinations for people who need an appropriate venue for an event or meeting. Situated on the shores of River Ewaso Nyiro and bordering Samburu National Reserve, it offers a quiet and appealing environment for corporate functions and family parties.

You should consider this venue because it has

  • Accommodation
  • Conference and event facilities
  • Communication facilities
  • Unique adventures


This resort has spacious tents furnished with modern comforts and furniture. A vibrant blend of colours greets you when you enter your room. The family room is elegant and large to support any group size. It has a queen size bed or two twin beds. All tents have en-suite facilities and a private veranda. Your guests can relax, dine, have a drink or hold a conversation on the veranda as they view the stunning landscape of the riverine forest and beyond.

Conference and Event Facilities

Samburu Intrepids Lodge has a conference room, an indoor dining room outdoor dining area and a bar and lounge.  The conference room has a television and a VCR. These facilities are sufficient to cater for over 60 guests if you have a large crowd. Guests enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or lunch outdoors and a tasty dinner in the dining room.  The resort has a team of professional staff that has experience planning events and meetings. You can expect the best hospitality and food.

Communication Facilities

Communicate easily with business partners who do not make it to the function. They can send their input over the phone, through electronic mail or postal mail. Even though this resort is in a remote part of the country, it does not fully isolate you from your corporate life.

Unique Adventures

Treat your guests to unrivalled fun and adventure though camel rides into the local villages. Enjoy the view of the reserve from a camel’s back as a guide leads this animal along the track. Your guests will remember this hair-raising experience for a long time. Other activities are stargazing, cultural visits and game viewing. That’s why your event or meeting should take place here.

Why Stay in Samburu Intrepids?

If you have been wondering where to get a real African expedition complete with spending nights in the wild, Samburu Intrepids Lodge is the answer to your queries. It is a luxurious tented resort at the heart of the game viewing areas of the Northern part of Kenya. Located on the banks of Ewaso Nyiro River, this camp gives you a blend of cool relaxing riverine weather and the hot arid climate where African wildlife thrives. An electric fence creates a barrier to keep wild animals on their side of the reserve.

Retreat to this exotic location if you want an unforgettable holiday where you get quality accommodation coupled with excellent hospitality services. Here, the team knows that every guest has particular needs that the resort must endeavour to meet. You become the priority whether it is about your choice of food or the number of beds in your tent.


Stay in an elegant furnished tent that gives you the little comforts to your holiday in the wild. Retreat to a spacious tent with unrivalled view of the Ewaso Nyiro River. As you relax on the bed, you can see the trees and the forest through the screens on the walls of your tent. The en-suite unit contain a queen size bed or two twin beds, a reading desk, toilet, washbasins and a shower.

The tents sit on a raised deck giving you a spectacular view of the area, and a wooden floor all the way to the private veranda. You can relax indoors on the sofa or sit outside on the deck sharing a drink or catching up with your family.

Facilities and Amenities

Samburu Intrepids Lodge offers a number of other facilities and amenities beyond the en-suite quarters of your tent. For instance, you get

  • A dining and lounge area
  • Swimming pool
  • Conference room
  • Shaver outlets in your tent
  • Safety deposit box
  • Bookshop and library
  • Boutique
  • Footwear store
  • Telephone and mailing services
  • Insect repellent
  • Currency exchange
  • Laundry  and valet services
  • Body therapy


Embark on a thorough exploration of this area through game viewing expeditions. Even though Samburu National Reserve is smaller than other parks such as Tsavo and Maasai Mara, it boasts of different species exclusively found in this area. Your excursion can take you to the habitat of the beisa oryx, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, buffalos, lions, elephants and crocodiles among others.

Apart from game viewing, you vacation at Intrepids Tented Camp lets you discover the joy of

  • Nature walks
  • Camping at Mount Ololokwe
  • Bush dining and sundowners
  • Star gazing
  • Camel riding safaris
  • Cultural dance entertainment and cultural visits

So much to see, enjoy and do here.

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