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This five-star tented resort lets you achieve the fantasy of sleeping in the wild and dining in the wild. Mara Explorer Camp practically turns you into an explorer. The canvas of the open riverfront tent is the only thing that separates you from the splendid Talek River that meanders past this lodge. With the walls of the tent pulled up, you have amazing view of the river and the bushes right from your bed.

The tent stands on a wooden deck a few inches from the ground. Every section of the room is within reach. The bathtub stands out on the corner giving you refreshing scenery as you take a bath. Using this open-air bathtub may be one of the most adventurous activities of your life. The set up in the room is simple but elegant. Unique furniture adds a rustic and informal feel to your tent. Enjoy en-suite facilities housed in a spacious washroom.

Mara Explorer offers luscious meals served in different dining setups. Wake up to a hearty breakfast al fresco style. The sun’s rays sneak in through the branches of the tall trees around the outdoor dining area. Tables and safari chairs congregate on the bank of the river. The culinary team stands behind an artful display to serve different finger licking dishes. It is the perfect way to start your day.

The indoor dining room does not limit your view of the area. A wooden perimeter surrounds the neat pack of tables and chairs. You can watch wildlife and the river as you eat delicious food.

You need these nutrients because an energy-sapping day awaits you. This reserve has a lot to explore; you have to fight the urge to add a few more days to your holiday. Start with the all-time favourite game drive to learn about Maasai Mara’s wildlife. Animals swarm the thousands of kilometres of this attraction. Spot animals such as lions, wildebeest, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, gazelles and giraffes among others. The animals get as close as they want; you might sit on the edge of your seat throughout when a leopard climbs on top of the 4x4 drive vehicle.

Other fun activities in this resort are

  • Nature walks
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Cultural visits

It is an extraordinary vacation spot with unique facilities to keep you busy such as board games, cards and a swimming pool at the nearby Mara Intrepids Camp.

Expore the wild at Mara Explorer Camp

Mara Explorer Camp’s quality of service makes it the ultimate option for your holiday. Its outstanding hospitality received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award. For fun and adventure, you can take part in

  • Game viewing
  • Bush dining
  • Nature walks
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Cultural visits

Luxury Tents at Mara Explorer Camp

Prepare for accommodation that literary takes you to the heart of the wild. At Mara Explorer Camp, each of its ten tents faces Talek River. Get this great view all to yourself without nosey and noisy neighbours. All you see is the meandering river and the dense forest on the other side. Trees surround your tent creating a cool shade over the canvas.

Listen to the sounds of animals roaming the forest and the plains. Look at different species of birds flying from one tree to the other. The tent’s private veranda is the best place to watch activity going on around you. A few steps lead to your tent on the raised wooden deck surrounded by a perimeter fence. A set of chairs and a table form a lounge on the veranda.

When you walk into the tent, the first thing that grabs your attention is the large bed with bright bed linen. It is the largest piece of furniture in the spacious room. In the 10 tents, seven have double beds while the rest have twin beds. Other furniture in this unit is a desk and a chair.

The en-suite tent has a large bathtub where you can bath outdoors. Savour the moment because you may not get the opportunity elsewhere. With the walls of the canvas pulled up, you can view wildlife while in the tent. This resort enjoys an efficient supply of power. The generator powers the lights and provides resources to charge your camera and phones.

Other amenities and services to expect in your tent are

  • Safety deposit box
  • Bug repellent
  • Mineral water
  • Personal butler
  • Wake up call
  • Radio communication

Mara Explorer offers accommodation for individuals and families. Explore this wonderland together with your family or friends. It is always an unforgettable experience for guests who stay here.

How to get to Mara Explorer Camp

Mara Explorer is about 298km from the capital city Nairobi. You can cover this distance by road in a six-hour journey. It is an adventurous experience to tour the country from the comfort of a shuttle bus or private car. For groups and families, discover different parts of Kenya together as you follow the road maps and directions to the camp. The most significant change in the landscape starts a few kilometres from Nairobi as you drive into the rift valley through Narok Town.

A flight from Nairobi to this camp takes about 45 minutes. Several air travel companies offer daily scheduled flights to and from the camp. The flights depart from Wilson Airport in Nairobi and land at Ol Kiombo airstrip, a few minutes away from the resort.

Driving directions to Mara Explorer depend on the location where you start your journey. You can depart from Nairobi, Mombasa, Samburu or Nanyuki among other towns in Kenya.

When selecting the mode of transport, think about

  • Comfort
  • Cost
  • Luggage

Comfort is the most important factor when looking for transport to Maasai Mara. When cramped into a car that does not even have sufficient legroom, it becomes a tedious six-hour journey. It is preferable to use shuttle vans offered by tour companies that operate in this route. They have experience working in this route so they know what guests need during the trip.

On the other hand, you can derive comfort form a chauffeured car hire service. Let someone else take the wheel while you sit back and enjoy the journey. You do not have to share the ride with other guests, and you can select the make and model you feel is comfortable for this trip.

Cost varies with the departure zone. Whether you are using road or air transport, the cost depends on your present location.

Luggage limits come in when seeking air transport. Check the luggage weight limit indicated by the company.

Bush dining at the Mara Explorer Camp

Mara Explorer Tented Camp boasts of a team of competent and professional chefs. These culinary masters persistently prepare excellent meals to cater for the varied needs of guests. With a garden to provide fresh produce, the food is exemplary. The chefs prepare a variety of sumptuous dishes. Not only is the food exquisite, the diner setups are elegant and pleasing. You have several dining options that are

  • Bush dining
  • Indoor dining

 Bush Dining

Al fresco dining is an exciting experience especially when you have great company. Here, it is a chance to dine beside Talek River. The lush green scenery creates a relaxing atmosphere for diners. It is a complete dining setup with tables and chairs. The restaurant team serves various meals behind a long table laden with mouth-watering dishes. This set up creates a refreshing feeling especially during breakfast. Start your day by breathing the cool air of the forest to replenish your system in readiness for the day’s activities.

In the evening, end the day with a sundowner beside a blazing campfire. The sun bids goodbye to the world at a distance, leaving a frail yellowish glow in the horizon. Sit beside the campfire as you watch the sun set. With friends, this dining experience becomes a chance to reminisce, discuss your day and plan for the next day’s activities.

Indoor Dining

The dining room does not limit your view of the plains. Instead, it makes it better because the room sits on the bank of the river. The open sided walls let you steal a glance at activities in the river and the forest.  Paraffin lamps surround the dining table creating an ambient evening glow that boosts your appetite.

Walk to the lounge to relax after a hearty meal in the adjacent dining room. The traditional hut contains stylish African themed furniture. African ornaments and paintings hang on the walls. The large airy room is spacious to cater for groups and families. You can also visit the library to grab a book. Spend the evening engrossed in a book as you listen to the animals in the wild. If you want extra pampering, get a wakeup call early in the morning, along with a cup of tea or coffee and some cookies. The lodge’s team does everything to make you feel special.

Bush Weddings and Meetings at Mara Explorer

Mara Explorer Tented Camp is the perfect environment for your event or meeting. It offers luxurious facilities and amenities to ensure your function goes on smoothly. This is the best place to hold your wedding, corporate meeting, strategic planning session or a party. Among other benefits of holding your function here, you get

  • A team of competent catering and hospitality staff
  • Privacy
  • Adequate facilities and amenities

Competent Staff

From the personal butler to the receptionist and the manager, you only encounter professionals who conduct their tasks courteously. Even for your event or meeting, expect this team to assist you during the planning and all through the day. If you are organising a destination wedding, you need to find the perfect spot and plan the sitting arrangement and the reception. For all that, the team gives you several options and you can select based on what you want your big day.

For corporate functions, you undergo a similar process because it is always about what is best for you. The restaurant team adheres to the desire of a luxurious stay. Therefore, guests enjoy delicious meals served in serene settings. Whether you dine in the outdoor dining area by the river or in the bush, your guests can expect nutritious tasty delicacies.


Tucked in the wilderness away from the world, Mara Explorer is a private and intimate resort where you can go about your vacation in confidentiality. The tents sit a distance apart, facing the river. On the other side of the river is a dense forest that extends into the plains. Trees surround the tents enhancing privacy. The lounge and the bar offer a quiet and secluded place to rest and discuss issues. If you like, the conference room at the sister camp, Mara Intrepids can cater for your meeting.

Excellent Facilities and Amenities

To live up to the demand of world class catering for events and meetings, this hotel ensures you hold a remarkable function by offering modern facilities and amenities.  The camp has a reliable power supply day and night. Additionally, there is radio communication. Other modes of communication such as telephone, fax and mail are available. Since this resort welcomes guest from all parts of the world, there is a currency exchange service at the reception.

Luxury Tents at Mara Explorer Camp

Mara Explorer Tented Camp is a luxurious accommodation spot within the great Maasai Mara. This ten-tent camp is a short distance from its sister, the Mara Intrepids. Located in the middle of a forest along the banks of Talek River, this resort offers unrivalled view of the plains. It occupies prime land frequented by most species in the reserve. Watch animals from the comfort of your tent as they roam around the river and the forest.

The most interesting time to go on vacation is during the great wildebeest migration that takes place from July to October. Animals flock the reserve making it easier for you to spot them from your tent. The view is spectacular and it makes you stay glued to your private veranda for the better part of the day.

This camp is about 298 km from the capital city, Nairobi. Arrive within 45 minutes by air transport or go for the six-hour journey by road.


This camp offers 10 tents that face the river. The surreal scenery outside the tent looks like a page from a glossy travel magazine. Nonetheless, it is so real that you can take a bath in the outdoor bathtub as you watch birds on the nearby trees or listen to the sounds of hippos and other species in the river.

The tent sits on a raised deck with a perimeter around it. Inside, you get a comfortable bed, en-suite bathroom a reading desk and chair. With the walls of the canvas tent pulled up, natural light illuminates all corners of the room. This airy unit gives a relaxed and cool environment where you can unwind after a visit to the reserve. Bask on the deck as you sip some wine and enjoy your vacation.

Facilities and Amenities

Mara Explorer Camp focuses on provision of luxurious accommodation so that guests experience a difference from their everyday life back home. To achieve this objective, the resort offers

  • En-suite facilities
  • Safety deposit box
  • Board games and cards
  • Radio communication
  • Personal butler
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Laundry services
  • Valet services
  • Airstrip transfer
  • Currency exchange
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Telephone, fax and mail services


Mara hotels take you to the epicentre of fun and adventure- the Maasai Mara. Bid goodbye to boring days and nights because you have thousands of kilometres to explore daily. Embark on the classic game viewing expedition. The guided tour takes you to the habitat of animals such as leopards, cheetahs, lions, jackals, hippos and hyenas among others.

Learn about the culture of the Maasai community through cultural visits and lectures about this tribe. You can also engage in nature walks and bush dining. You have so much to do throughout your vacation.

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