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Karen Hardy, Nairobi, Kenya
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About 20km from the city’s centre, you drive into an expansive country lodge with indigenous trees dotting its lush lawns and surroundings, and Ngong Hills visible in the horizon. This is the famous Giraffe Manor. It is accessible from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport when you fly into Kenya or from Wilson Airport if you are on a domestic, Nairobi-bound flight.

The most striking element of the picturesque resort is its colonial style house and dozens of Rothschild giraffes towering over trees and poking their heads into the resort. You start to click your camera at this scene because the best way to remember your encounter with the 20-feet tall animals with their iconic red patches and no splotches from the knees down. When you recover from the excitement, walk into the resort and check in.

The Giraffe Manor is a luxurious boutique hotel whose history dates back to pre-colonial Kenya. This manor is a 1932 house that served as a Scottish hunting lodge. Later, it became a private home until its owner spruced it up, brought in elegant furnishings and turned it into an intimate resort- the Giraffe Manor.

This 10-room resort accommodates 25 guests. Its lavishly decorated rooms have spacious bathrooms with a shower area, a bathtub and a toilet. Large windows in the bedrooms look out over the lawns. Winding staircases, fireplaces, elegant furniture and carpets make the rooms feel like home.

The Giraffe Manor is a plush hotel with elegant facilities such as the sunroom where you have breakfast alongside the social Rothschild giraffes that pop in through the window, unannounced.

Numerous attractions are within reach from this resort. After a scrumptious breakfast and mingling with giraffes, leave for thrilling explorations of the Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi Museum, Nairobi National Park and the Maasai Market. You can visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage or stroll into any of the malls in the city.

Most of all, Giraffe Manor is a family friendly lodge, with a wheel chair accessible room; everyone is welcome here.

What to do at the Giraffe Manor

Nairobi City is a vibrant African metropolis bustling with visitors and locals. It is one of the rapidly growing cities in Africa, and East Africa’s most industrialized city. Finding something to do for fun in this city is easy and you do not have to break the bank to do that.

Nairobi is different. It is not like other cities. Here, you have nature, history and culture right in the middle of modernity. A holiday at the lavish Giraffe Manor will give you exclusive access to some of the city’s most treasured attractions. This lodge is only 20 km from the city centre, and it sits on a region with robust terrain and numerous must-see attractions.

For an exciting holiday, schedule a number of activities such as

  • Game viewing
  • Museum tour
  • Shopping

Where to Stay at the Giraffe Manor

Accommodation in most cities of the world means staying in skyscrapers, with little to no space where you can relax outdoors. It gets even worse when visiting rapidly growing African cities because every bit of space is needed to fuel the visions and development policies of the region.

Nairobi is East Africa’s industrial hub and it takes in millions of guests who are on business or leisure trips. To fit this equally diverse audience, there are numerous accommodation spots in the city centre and in its environs. Giraffe Manor is where you should spend your holiday or business trip.

First, you will only be about 12km from the city centre, which has its advantages because you can easily commute to major attractions within and beyond the city. If you are on a business trip, you can find your way to Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), and other notable places for the business minded.

If your mind is set on nothing else but the pleasure of a wildlife safari in the city, you will have access to Nairobi National Park and the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. For the days and nights you spend at the Giraffe Manor, you will have nothing but fond memories of every minute of your holiday.

This lodge is a 1930s lodge, renovated, furnished with luxurious facilities, and opened to any weary traveller who needs a comfortable place to spend the nights. Rothschild giraffes will host you to unforgettable breakfast meals because every time you walk into the sunroom for breakfast, you will find long necks with red patches popping through the large windows.

To stay in this lavish lodge, choose a room from the variety available. There are 10 spacious rooms elegantly furnished with fireplaces, stairways and aristocratic furniture. The Karen Blixen and Finch Hattons suites cater for families. They have twin beds, spacious en-suite bathrooms and they are on the ground floor leading out to the courtyard. These units are also ideal for the physically challenged.

 Directions to the Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor is located in a serene neighbourhood with a forest of indigenous trees to make sure you have a quiet and beautiful sanctuary away from the world. This resort served as a hunting lodge for an earl who lived in Kenya in the 1930s. It later became the private residence of one of the earl’s grandsons. Now, it is a lavish lodge furnished with modern facilities, but with rich history left intact in the aristocratic furniture in the rooms and the sitting area as well as in the colonial style structure of the lodge.

The picturesque lodge overlooks the mauve silhouette of Ngong Hills. On the maps and directions, the Giraffe Manor is accessible through a number of infrastructural networks. If you are in the city centre, this lodge is a short drive away on a good road network.

The giraffe Manor is in Lang’ata, which is about 20km from the city centre. Drive out of the city along Uhuru Highway, over the railway and turn right onto Lang’ata Road when you get to the second roundabout.

Two roundabouts later, you will pass Wilson Airport. Drive on further for about 6km. You will drive down a dip and 3km after that dip turn left when you pass the second petrol station, onto Lang’ata Rd South. Drive for about 4km and you will see the Karen Hardy Shopping Centre ahead. When you pass Kilimani Junior School, turn left and drive straight ahead for about 1km to get to the Giraffe Manor.

This resort is also accessible from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and Wilson Airport.   International arrivals land at JKIA, which is about 40 minutes away from the lodge. Wilson Airport is only 20 minutes away.

From the airport, turn left onto Airport North Road and drive through the first roundabout. Turn right onto Mombasa Road and once you drive to the roundabout, turn onto Lang'ata Road and drive further through two roundabouts.

Turn left onto Lang’ata South Road and a short drive later, turn onto Ushirika Road. Make the last turn towards Koitobos Road and you will see signs directing you to the Giraffe Centre. The resort is a short distance before you get to the Giraffe Centre. Walk into a beautiful lodge with lush green lawns, Rothschild’s giraffes and a picturesque colonial style house where you will spend your vacation.

Where to Eat at the Giraffe Manor

Luxurious accommodation and fine dining go together. After a goodnight’s rest, you wake up to an exquisite table set-up with a beautiful display of delicious dishes. All day long, the chefs treat you to sumptuous meals, and after exploring the region, you can rest on a large comfortable bed and call it a day.

The Giraffe Manor fits this description. It is a lavish lodge in a quiet location about 12km from Nairobi’s city centre. This lodge is the only place on earth where you can feed giraffes from your bedroom window. Rothschild giraffes live on the property, browsing and grazing on the lush vegetation of the lodge. Once in a while, they come to the lodge to greet new arrivals and get acquainted. Therefore, you will see a curious head popping into your room just to know how you are.

Dining at the Giraffe Manor is an exciting experience. The staff lays out the table impeccably, and the chef brings an array of mouth-watering dishes. This lodge uses only the best local produce to prepare meals. Breakfast is served in the sunroom, overlooking the lush lawns. The large windows in the sunroom will make you feel like you are dining outdoors. The scenic view of the distant hills and the forest is picture perfect. When a whiff of finger-licking breakfast dishes leaps out of the window, Rothschild giraffes take the cue to pop in and share the delicious meal with you. Feed these social animals, pet them, take photographs and enjoy your luscious meal.

Every meal at the Giraffe Manor gives you a new experience. This lodge serves dinner beside a fireplace. Mingle with the managers for a round of drinks and you have the option of a candlelit meal or on the terrace with the stars sparkling in the sky.

The menu has a variety of popular dishes and the chefs take into account individual preferences. A few of the must-try-dishes include the Watamu red snapper and the Mount Kenya smoked trout pate. You will love dining at this lodge.

Events and Meetings at the Giraffe Manor

Imagine hosting your wedding in a lodge whose history dates back to the 1932. Think about the class this elegant residence will add to your function. The Giraffe Manor is an intimate lodge with 10 rooms only. It can accommodate a maximum of 25 guests. This gives you a nice, controllable group whether you are hosting your friends or family members as you celebrate your wedding or another auspicious private function.

The grounds, lush green, beautiful and well maintained, will make you fall in love with this lodge the minute you set foot here. It is one of those places whose sheer serenity reaches the soul and makes a person just want to stay there, forever. This private land is several acres large. The grass gives way to an indigenous forest and the rolling hills of Ngong form a beautiful backdrop. Rothschild giraffe are residents of this lodge so you will be seeing them on the lawn, by your bedroom or the dining room window.

Weddings at the Giraffe Manor benefit from the large garden as well as the unique blend of flora and fauna that adds a magical touch to the lifelong pictures of the nuptial ceremony. Do it in style; do it in the right place.

The team of professionals at this lodge knows how to make dreams come true. Explain what you need on your big day and you will get it in its exact portions from food to the cake and decor. The Giraffe Manor is a family friendly resort, with spacious suites that also cater for the physically challenged. Spend a few days before and after your nuptials here, away from the world, to unwind. This lodge has modern facilities, with a touch of nobility in the choice of furniture in the suites and the sitting room. Since it was a home, before it became a resort, you will feel at home here.

Excellent Hotel at Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor’s history dates back to the colonial era in Kenya. The presently famous, classy lodge was built in 1932 as a Scottish hunting lodge. Sir David Duncan set a gigantic house surrounded by hundreds of acres of trees.

In 1974, the property changed ownership. Jock Leslie-Melville, a grandson of Sir Duncan, and his wife Betty took over. They brought in two Rothschild giraffes, and that changed the face of this manor from being a private residence to a place that housed the most graceful animals on earth.

When Betty’s husband died, she decided to open the house to weary travellers so they could have a luxurious place to spend their holidays in the city, so close to the forgotten species- the giraffe.


Giraffe Manor has 10 luxuriant rooms, fabulously decorated to make any guest feel at home. It is an en-suite lodge with spacious bathrooms and a dedicated room suitable for families. The Karen Blixen room is spacious, it has twin beds and it is wheelchair accessible. This lodge accommodates 25 guests.

Facilities and Amenities

When this beautiful house opened to the public, a number of renovations followed to bring in modern facilities that guests expect in a luxury resort. It has spacious general use areas such as the sunroom and the sitting room, which afford a sweeping view of the property, the park and its Rothschild giraffes. The outcome is a modern boutique hotel with

  • Hair driers
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Private game drive vehicles

Activities and Experiences

Within the lodge, long walks in the park, mingling with giraffes and enjoying the unrivalled view of Ngong Hills is a great past time. Nonetheless, venture beyond the beautiful resort to see what Nairobi, one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, has in store for you. Game excursions, sightseeing, shopping and learning about the history and culture of Kenya will take precedence. For all these exciting activities, you will visit

  • David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
  • Nairobi National Park
  • Karen Blixen Museum
  • Kazuri Beads
  • The Giraffe Centre

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