Finch Hattons Camp

Tsavo West National Park
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Finch Hattons Camp is Home Away from Home

Retreat to a luxurious lodge named after one of Africa’s most famous safari experts. This tented resort coins its name from the aristocrat George Denys Finch Hattons who traversed the wild parts of Kenya during the colonial times. He fell in love with the wildlife and natural vegetation that he practically lived as a professional adventurer. Undertake a similar course by spending your vacation in a magnificent and exotic camp nestling in Tsavo West National Park.

Travel to this out of town location that radiates a sense of adventure, serenity and comfort. Marvel at the scenic Mount Kilimanjaro peaks in the background.Breathe in cool refreshing air purified by forests of indigenous acacia trees that thrive in the oasis. Wake up to the beauty of hippos swimming and roaming in the pools. These natural pools also attract other species such as crocodiles and terrapins. Listen to the hundreds of birds that sing from the trees every morning. You do not have to walk to the wild to enjoy the wealth of African safaris. Here, the wild literary comes to your door.

Enjoy sumptuous six course dinners while Mozart plays in the background. In essence, you practically live as Finch Hattons did when he undertook adventure safaris from the East to the West and Northern parts of Kenya. He had a taste for the best because he dined and wined with lords and princes who landed in Africa in search for the perfect holiday. Delight in all the comfort accorded to nobles such as a library, swimming pool and a gift shop.

Spend the night in out of the ordinary tents that have a roof and a wooden floor. Light sneaks in through translucent windows overlooking the pools. Sit on the deck of these raised tents as you watch activity at the pools or in the forest.

Bring your family to this magical place. You can also plan a honeymoon here since this venue offers privacy and relaxation. There is a lot to do within the premise and in Tsavo West National Park.

A vacation at this Camp is what you need. Prepare for:

  • Quality catering services
  • The best customer relations
  • Customized accommodation facilities

In Finch Hatton’s iconic phrase ‘Tell them I’ll be in Tsavo’, let your friends and family know where you are heading this holiday because they will hear you talk about your experience daily. The unforgettable hours in Tsavo, nights on comfortable Lamu beds and the joy of excellent international quality cuisine is not something that will fade away from your memory easily.

A Wildlife Safari in Tsavo West

Travel to this exotic location for a royal wildlife safari experience. Finch Hattons Camp hosts a number of activities tailored to the adventure needs of a diverse audience. Upon arrival at this lodge, embark on a passive sightseeing expedition from the comfort of your tent. Listen to the sounds of birds in the tall acacia trees, watch different animals in the pools around the tents. Acclimatize to the jungle at its wealth of activities awaiting your exploration.

Then, you can look forward to activities such as:

  • Game drives
  • Game walks
  • Bush dining
  • Swimming
  • Shopping

Royal Comfort and Luxury

From the moment you arrive, you literary feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The serene environment, cool air, wildlife safari experience and friendly staff make you feel like you have just stepped into royalty. Finch Hattons Camp redefines safari comfort by offering luxurious tented accommodation within Tsavo West National Park.

There are no ordinary tents. On the contrary, the tents sit on a wooden deck, and there is a roof overhead. Inside, the spacious room contains luxurious furnishings not found in most tented lodges. Apart from en-suite bathroom facilities, you also get a shaver outlet, hair drier, mini bar, brass lamp, reading desk and an Afghan mat that brightens up the wooden floor. Transparent canvas forms large windows that light up your room.

Book one of these warm and cosy units whether with your spouse or family members. There is space for every person to have some privacy. The veranda has a day bed, some lounge chairs and a table. Sit on the veranda as you watch activity in the resort and beyond. The nearby pools offer a picturesque backdrop where you can watch hippos and buffalos roaming.

The lodge’ tents can cater for 60 guests. You have the option of a double or twin bed in your tent. Finch Hattons Camp is a great vacation spot for families, couples, friends and groups. It offers the age-old wildlife safari experience, but with a touch of modern sophistication. This tented resort is child friendly, but young guests must be above six years.

What Makes Your Stay Here Different?

Finch Hattons Camp is a piece of heaven in the heart of the jungle. There are many things to do within the lodge and around it. For instance, game drives in Tsavo National Park and Amboseli National Park.

This resort sits on acres of indigenous vegetation. It is the perfect place to unwind and relax away from town life. That is what a safari should offer. Here, you have a unique combination of nature and African wildlife. Dozens of adventurous activities await you at this resort. At the end of every day’s excursion, you have a warm bed in a spacious tent.

Finch Hattons is an award winning safari lodge feted as Africa’s leading safari lodge, for several years, by the World Travel Awards.

Directions to Paradise

Finch Hattons Camp occupies about 35 acres in Tsavo West National Park. It is accessible from Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya such as Mombasa. The park is about 240km from Nairobi and 10km less from Mombasa. To get to the camp, maps and directions take you to the Mombasa Nairobi highway to access Mtito Andei gate.

Prepare for this trip in style. Gather everything you need for a perfect safari in Kenya. Get comfortable but light clothes for expeditions in the wild. This region has temperatures of between 20 and 33°C. If your vacation is between March and April, be ready for the long rains, and if you want to tour this wild region from November to December, expect the short rains.

There are several ways to get here. You can use

  • Road Transport
  • Air Transport

Road Transport

It is about five hours by road from the capital city, Nairobi. The Mombasa Nairobi highway takes you through different geographical areas. Pass through Mtito Andei gate and drive for another 1.5 hours to reach the resort. You can ride in a shuttle van if you are travelling as a group, or use car hire services. The camp offers parking and accommodation for drivers.

Air Transport

Book a flight from Nairobi or other town to Tsavo. There are charter and private aircrafts that fly to this tourism hotspot. It is a one-hour flight, which makes it more convenient than road transport. Safarilink has daily flights from Wilson Airport in Nairobi while Mombasa Air Safaris can fly you from Mombasa Airport to the airstrip near Finch Hattons.

As you prepare for the trip, pack some walking shoes, a hat, camera and binoculars in preparation for a thorough exploration of the area. There are professional drivers who also act as tour guides. Check the weight limit for air transport.

Bush dining at Finch Hattons Camp

Delight in a six-course meal with Mozart adding the dining ambience. Finch Hattons recreates the noble lifestyle of the adventurer who gives this camp its name. Denys, the legendary lover of luxurious safaris, brought comfort into wild expeditions. Therefore, sit back as you sip some wine and enjoy the aroma of tasty meals served by a team of competent restaurant staff.

The Restaurant

The restaurant extends the luxury theme. Afghan mats add colour to the wooden floor between dinner tables spaced out the room. African themed paintings blend into the white walls. Several artefacts and pot flowers mingle with other ornaments that decorate the restaurant. A waiter dressed in a Swahili Kanzu (traditional dress) serves you promptly. Meal times are between 7 and 10am for breakfast, 12.30 to 2.30pm for lunch and dinner from 7.30pm. Observe the slightly formal dress code that requires men to wear a pair of trousers while in the restaurant.

The menu contains exquisite options that cater for all ages and dietary requirements. The team of professional chefs prepare excellent dishes, serve you in fine china and play Mozart to create the best atmosphere during your mealtimes.

Enjoy breakfast and lunch in an open air dining setup that lets you marvel at nature, as you taste sumptuous food. Observe the scenic view of Mount Kilimanjaro as the sun peeps from the horizon.

Relax in the lounge after a meal as you catch up with your friends or listen to the music. The lounge area extends the luxury theme with impeccable furnishings that turn the room into aristocratic residence. Lounge sofas, a carpet and several lamp stands make the room liveable. Ambient lights reflect on the orange, beige and brown hues in the furniture. Large windows bring in natural light and offer unprecedented views of the camp and beyond. Grab a book from the library upstairs, and sit back as you read and enjoy the wide range of music in the offing.

If you are combining leisure and work, bring your laptop along and use the WI-FI to communicate or keep in touch with your office. Walk to the immaculate bar for a drink. You can also request for a drink while basking by the poolside. Finch Hattons Camp knows what you need during your vacation. Expect quality accommodation, great food and utmost luxury.

Host your Event in Tsavo West

Finch Hattons Camp appeals to business and leisure travellers. It combines the comfort with wildlife safari adventure in one of the most famous national parks in the world. Hold your event or meeting here to add a unique touch to the function. There is nothing ordinary about this venue. Every section of this tented lodge depicts class, sophistication but with a sense of comfort and playfulness needed in a safari camp.

It is the best place for your wedding, honeymoon, corporate holiday or meeting because this tented resort has

  • Accommodation
  • A restaurant and a bar
  • Fun activities

Finch Hattons Camp accommodates 70 guests. The spacious tents can have double, single or triple beds. It is the perfect setup based on the number of people attending your function. The tents are en-suite. Furnishings that add comfort include a reading desk, day bed, a set of seats and a table.

Enjoy sumptuous food at the restaurant. Chefs prepare meals based on your taste and preference. Guests can request for particular foods from the menu. There is a lounge and a bar to relax and unwind at the end of the day. The dining and lounge facilities are spacious. They can hold a sizeable audience. The dining hall has individual tables that can sit about four people.

Allow your guests to enjoy the occasion as well as the wealth of nature and wildlife available in the country. Therefore, organise game drives to Tsavo National Park and Amboseli National Park, which are only a few hours away. Nonetheless, guests can relax by the pool as they bask in the sun. The bar also offers drinks at the poolside.

Bring your occasion to Finch Hattons Camp for an unbelievably different atmosphere. The cool air and scenic views create the perfect environment for meetings and events. Have your guests commend your choice of venue by booking this place for your celebration. For weddings, the occasion becomes a more intimate affair with just your chosen list of guests in attendance. Get the camp all to yourself and your team, without fear of interruptions from uninvited guests.

 Luxury in the Bush

This decade old resort presents a holiday spot that combines modern accommodation comfort with adventure and wildlife to give you a complete vacation package. The management of this private establishment endeavours to meet the objectives of Denys Finch Hattons, a man who spent his life in the wild parts of Kenya. Denys was and still is famous for his aristocratic adventure safaris. He organised expeditions for noblemen who wanted a tour of the jungle. Hence, this lodge lets you relive the adventures of this hunter.

Stay in this luxury camp within Tsavo National Park for an unforgettable holiday experience. Class, in this case, starts the moment you walk into this gem in the wilderness. Denys believed in comfort and luxury even in the most remote parts of the world. Therefore, walk into royal treatment in the accommodation unit, the dining area and even in the blend of activities to undertake during your vacation.

It is a different experience altogether because there is a dress code for men. Unlike other safari resorts where shorts rule holiday fashion, here, men must wear a pair of trousers in the restaurant.


Finch Hattons Camp has a bed capacity of 60 guests. Large tents sit on wooden decks perched in the 35-acre land. Forget the traditional tents that have canvas walls and a roof. Here, it is a modern rendition of a tent cum traditional hut. Sleep in a spacious tent with a thatched roof, a wooden floor and perimeter railing around it. This gives it sufficient space for some lounge chairs, a table and pot flowers on your deck. Bask in the morning sun as you watch birds on the trees or animals in the pools below.

Accommodation is en-suite. You have the option of a double or twin bed. The deck has a day bed where you can sit back and just listen to nature’s sounds as you take a nap. Inside the tent, you have a desk in case you want to mix business with leisure.

Amenities and Facilities

Every section of the lodge shows an eye for detail in the choice of facilities and furnishings. Unlike traditional tents that offer basic en-suite facilities, here you have:

  • Shaver outlets
  • A mini bar
  • A hair drier
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge and bar
  • Laundry services
  • A gift shop
  • Parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Reading room
  • WI-FI service


This resort redefines fun by offering a wide range of must-attempt activities. This lodge is suitable for individuals, couples, families and groups. The scenic view of Mount Kilimanjaro is enough to excite any traveller. Furthermore, this unfenced property welcomes different species to the pools. Watch wild animals from the comfort of your tent. Prepare for: Game drives to Tsavo West National Park and Amboseli National Park

  • Game walks
  • Sundowners
  • Bush dining

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