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Elephant Bed Camp Kenya is an exquisite vacation spot where guests mingle with herds of elephants that pass by, to or from, the nearby River Ewaso Nyiro.  As the name suggests, it is accommodation in the elephant’s quarters meaning you have to make way for these mammals whenever they drop in uninvited. Experience an out of this world safari with wild animals frequenting your backyard unannounced. Sometimes, elephants spend the night under the trees.

This luxury tented resort borders Samburu National Reserve. Different wildlife species inhabit this reserve. They include elephants, cheetahs, lions and leopards. During your stay at the resort, undertake several trips to the reserve and marvel at the rich flora and fauna. A guided tour lets you know the different species you encounter.

Apart from game drives, other activities are

  • Sundowner and canapé
  • Samburu dances
  • Bush dining
  • Bush walks
  • Bird watching
  • Cultural visits

Even if you have been to other parts of this country, Samburu presents a different holiday altogether because of its blend of nature, wildlife and people. Escape to Elephant Bedroom Camp Kenya for relaxation at the heart of nature. Indeed, this hotel is miles away from towns and cities. Breathe in pure, unpolluted air and an occasional breeze from the river. Spend your holiday in en-suite tents give essential facilities and amenities such as a bathroom a toilet. The tents have a veranda on which you can watch the sun or activity at the river. Hop on the hammock under the trees and relax away from the African sun.

Witness the African theme from the gates to the tents. The entrance resembles a traditional hut of the Samburu community. Stay in immaculately decorated tents that boast of African colours and artefacts. From the beds to the floor and the walls, embellishments bring out an African theme. The interior is in vibrant colours such as white, beige, brown and orange. Translucent windows light up the tent’s interior without blocking the magnificent view of the region. Your days at the elephant’s bedroom will stay in your mind for a long time. It is a magical experience.

Adventures in Samburu National Reserve

An African tour is incomplete if it does not offer a variety of expeditions and activities throughout your stay. Elephant Bedroom Camp gives you a complete package that incorporates luxurious accommodation and a myriad of activities. Prepare for a memorable vacation in a place where you enjoy:

  • A game drive
  • Walks in the wild
  • Bush dining
  • Cultural visits


Luxury Accommodation in Samburu

If you have not been to Elephant Bedroom tented camp in Samburu, you are missing luxury, adventure and sheer excitement. Here, luxury is the key element that resonates all around from the tents to the dining and lounge area. Adventure greets you the moment you land into the ‘elephant’s bedroom’ because these large mammals can stroll in any time of day or night. You have every reason to get excited as soon as you board a vehicle to this paradise.

This lodge has 12 tents. Eight of these have queen size beds while the rest have king size beds. The architects thought about the needs of all visitors. Hence, four tents are low on the ground to cater for the physically challenged and the elderly. The other set of tents sit on raised podiums. They have the vantage point of better views of the river and beyond. Wake up to the sun’s rays in the horizon as a herd of animals descend to the river to quench their thirst. Pitched under trees and bushes, these tents give a cool shade away from the sun. Sit on safari chairs on the deck and watch the wilderness teeming with birds.

Elephant Bedroom lodge offers en-suite tents. They have a bathroom, flush toilet, washbasin, dressing area and a wardrobe. These modern amenities contrast the authentic and wild nature of the region. Additionally, the interior of the tents is nothing like the wilderness outside. Spend your vacation in an elegant tent. This lodge has an African theme in the tents and even in the dining tent and lounge.

Sleep on beddings made of African themed fabrics. The curtains, furniture and the carpet also reflect an African design. Elephant Bedroom lodge should be your choice for the best accommodation service because:

  • This tented camp has a fresh aspect you cannot find in other venues
  • It has a team of able staff
  • There is a lot to discover in the region

It gives you the rare opportunity of watching untamed elephants at close range. Even at night, you can hear these animals roaming around the resort. Enjoy sumptuous food and quality hospitality services from a team of professionals who understand what you need on your vacation.

Samburu is a vast region that receives thousands of tourists annually. It has many attraction sites such as Samburu National Reserve. Therefore, your stay at this lodge lets you explore deeper into this district and neighbouring areas.

How to get to Elephant Bedroom Camp

Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu is accessible by road or by air. It is accessible from all parts of Kenya from as far as the Western province to the coast, Nairobi and the Eastern province. This district can be your destination after an expedition in the coastal part of Kenya. Enjoy the change of scenery as you move from the coast to a semi arid region. You can also consider a visit to this district after your adventure in Mount Kenya or the Aberdare Ranges.

From Nairobi, delight in a road trip across different landscapes and regions. Travel through a stretch of green vegetation in the central part of the country before a change of scenery in the arid and semi arid parts of the rift valley. Notable towns on your way are Nyeri, Nanyuki and Isiolo. Places and things to see are River Tana, the Equator and Mount Kenya among others. The trip is about five hours long. Enjoy every second of it as you manoeuvre through the country.

There are daily flights from Nairobi or Nanyuki.  The flight is about an hour and a half from the capital city, Nairobi. The daily flights by airlines such as Safarilink and AirKenya Express depart from Wilson Airport and land at the airstrip within Samburu National Reserve. You can also depart from Nanyuki airstrip or from Lewa Downs, and use private charter flights.  The aerial view gives you a glimpse of wildlife conservancies in Laikipia such as Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Borana Wildlife Conservancy. Road transfer takes you from the airstrip to Elephant Bedroom Camp, which is about 15 minutes away.

When selecting the mode of transport, think about the

  • Cost
  • Comfort
  • Speed

 Arrive as soon as possible and start an expedition of this magical land.

Bush Dining| Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu

Delight in exquisite meals prepared by a team of culinary experts who understand your needs. The menu reflects diverse tastes and preferences to cater for dietary needs of the young, adults as well as the elderly. A number of factors make your dining experience different in Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu. For instance:

  • You can request for private meals
  • You can dine in the bush
  • There are picnic lunches
  • Enjoy sundowners by the shores of River Ewaso Nyiro

 Wake up to breakfast served under the dense shade of doum palms that dot the compound. The open-air dining area lets you breath in some fresh air as you sample a hearty meal. An elephant or other species might offer entertainment as it roams around the bushes on the other side of the river. Breakfast uses a buffet set up.

Indulge in a three-course meal at lunchtime and a four course exceptional dinner. Select your food from a wide variety of delicately crafted menu. The team of experienced chefs know how to tailor meals to different guests since they have handled thousands of visitors annually. They also have professional training in culinary arts to know dietary requirements of different age groups and people with underlying health conditions.

The dining tent and lounge radiates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The spacious tent sits on a raised podium. This gives guests scenic views of distant hills, bushes and the river. At night, lanterns surround the camp creating an ambient environment during supper. The dining tent and the lounge have an intricate but compelling combination of colours. A blend of white, and safari brown light up the room. Seats converge around an African designed table in the lounge. Families and groups can relax in this living area away from the sun. You can also hop onto the hummock between the trees to breathe in the cool breeze of the doum palms.

At Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu, your comfort means great food, great accommodation and fun.

 Events and Meetings Facilities

Host your event at Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu for the best hospitality and catering services. You can organise a family vacation here, away from the rest of the world. Share the experience with your children as they discover the sheer size of elephants and other wildlife animals that frequent the area around the hotel.

Additionally, a wedding ceremony here is both unique and exquisite. This intimate occasion requires adequate planning so that each stage of the ceremony takes place smoothly. Delight in an out of town wedding with your treasured family and friends to witness this important day of your life. Corporate meetings and celebrations can also benefit from the quite but serene environment. Bring your team to this hotel to deliberate on company issues or to unwind after hitting your business targets.

Why host events and meetings at Elephant Bedroom Camp Samburu?

  • Exceptional catering services
  • World-class accommodation
  • Idyllic environment
  • A zillion fun and recreational activities

Select the food you want for your guests from a list of popular continental dishes. The culinary team prepares just what you ask for or need. Treat your guests to an unforgettable feast whether in an al fresco setup or the formal dining arrangement.

Book your guests in any of the 12 luxurious tents. The spacious units have a spectacular view of the forest and distant hills. Families do not have to compete for space because the units’ layout offers walking space and privacy. The tents are en-suite, and with king or queen sized beds.

The serene environment around the hotel is ideal for corporate functions. Sit under the shade of the tall doum palms as you catch up on company matters.  Relax on the log benches as you watch the river flowing past the resort. Safari chairs on the tents verandas are great places to soak some African sunshine.

Take your guests or family members for a game drive in Samburu National Reserve.  Experience the wild part of Africa from the seat of a 4x4 vehicle. Leisure activities also include cultural visits and watching Samburu Dancers.

It is not an assumption that is this is the best spot for your activity or occasion. Rather, it is information based on facts from Elephant Bedroom Camp reviews. Guests praise the quality of service, professionalism of the team and the wide range of activities provided in the lodge.

A Wildlife safari in Samburu

Elephant Bedroom Camp Kenya basks in the glory of the vast wilderness adjacent to Ewaso Nyiro River. To get here, wade through vegetation and scenic escapements and hills to find a neat and pleasant vacation spot tucked under indigenous trees.  During the day, the place comes alive with activity as animals such as elephants and buffalos roam around the river. At night, lanterns light up the compound around the resort creating a surreal atmosphere under the African sky.Elephant Bedroom Camp Kenya adopts an African theme in every part of its structures and tents.


Book a place in one of the elegant tents that boast of African decor from the carpet to the beddings and drapery. Stay in a spacious unit with an expansive view of the river and vegetation.

There are 12 tents on this property. Each unit has en-suite facilities that include a bathroom and a toilet. For conservation purposes, this resort pipes rainwater into the showers.

Facilities and Amenities

Despite the fact that this hotel sits miles away from urban centres, luxurious essentials are available. Elephant Bedroom Camp Kenya has electricity and water. Parasols create a lounge area in the compound a few meters from the river. Log benches also surround a fireplace creating a great spot for an evening conversation around the embers of a fire. Spend the afternoons watching animals in the bushes on the other side of the river. Facilities and amenities to expect here are:< br />

  • En suite tents
  • Lounge and dining tent
  • Bush dining
  • 240V charging appliances


At this small lodge, every day presents a different activity for guests.  Prepare for amusements that range from rigorous energy filled expeditions to laid-back entertainment within the resort. Here, you can take part in:

  • Game drives
  • Game walks
  • Bird watching
  • Cultural visits
  • Picnics and bush dining
  • Watching Samburu dances


Savour sumptuous meals by the river as you watch a herd of mammals grazing on the grass. Discover how it feels to get close to these animals as they hover around the tent at night or sometimes, during the day. Even more adventurous is holding your wedding on the shores of River Ewaso Nyiro under the trees. The picturesque setting creates the best wedding photos that you can flaunt to your friends and family members for years to come. Truly, a day or night at Elephant Bedroom is unforgettable.

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