Malindi in Kenya

Treasure Hunt in Malindi

Chinese Treasure in Malindi, Kenya in 1417 An Ambitious 15th Century Vision In 1405, a Chinese armada of 317 ships set off on the first of seven grand voyages. This treasure fleet comprised 28,000 men with orders to reach the ends of the earth filled their red sails with mighty gusts. It was their mission […]

Grand Wildlife Safari Holiday

Up Close with Journey of a Lifetime Kenya Winner

Interview with Ermo Taks, winner of the Journey of a Lifetime Promotion Ermo Taks arrives in Nairobi on the 18th of March 2012 for his dream holiday, courtesy of Journey Kenya and partner hotels. Ermo, an Estonian University lecturer, was the lucky winner of Journey Kenya’s ‘Journey of a Lifetime’ promotion that ran between July […]

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Lake Nakuru

Journey of a Lifetime-The Experience

Journey of a Lifetime Part 2: Stargazing in the Rift Valley The drive from Nairobi to Naivasha is stunning. Leaving the city behind and going into the Rift Valley, the landscape gradually changes, with wide-open valleys dotted with extinct volcanoes and steep escarpments rising dramatically around us. Part two of my Journey of a Lifetime […]

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Lake Naivasha

Journey Kenya like Never Before

Journey Kenya – for undiscovered gems Did you know that the Kenyan coast is one of the best sites along the Indian Ocean coast for deep-sea fishing and scuba diving? That second to the Congo forest, Kenya has the widest variety of birds (over 1,400 species) in Africa and that the Kite surfing festival in […]

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