Kite Surfing in Kenya

Kite Surfing in Kenya – One of the Best sites in Africa With one of the best kite-surfing locations in Africa, the Kenyan coast has plenty kite-surfing destinations and locations to offer all the visitors looking for an adrenaline filled beach experience. Kite-surfing holidays in Kenya are popular on most beaches in Mombasa, Malindi and […]

Thompson Falls

Mountain Biking in Kenya

Mountain Biking in Kenya – An Unforgettable Adventure Although a majority of people think that Africa can only be toured in vehicles, the adrenalin-pumping mountain bike expeditions prove otherwise. A 16-days adventure takes guests from Kenya’s Nairobi to Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam located on the Indian Ocean coastline. The route is away from key tourist […]

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Mount Kenya

Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing For some, the view is reason enough, for others it’s a personal challenge and for most, it’s too much fun to let pass by. Picture fingers clawed into the rock face against the howling winds on ice climbs of the 5199-metre high peak of Mount Kenya. This is the extreme sport of Rock […]

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Kayaking in Kenya

Kayaking in Kenya

Kayaking in Kenya – A Truly Spectacular Experience Kenya, boasting of wide beaches, mangrove systems, and reefs, is an ideal location for kayaking. Karisia Limited provides exceptional guided sea kayak explorations north of the Kenyan Coast.  Sea kayaks are ideal ways of complimenting walking Kenyan safaris inland where visitors marvel at the stunning Kenyan animals. […]

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