A paintball game at Shooters Haven in Nairobi. Photo Credit: Shooters Haven Nairobi

Where to Play Paintball in Nairobi

Paintball is one of the fastest growing action sports in Nairobi.  Over the weekends, groups tickle into popular paintball fields for some adrenaline packed paintball action. This sport involves tagging opponents with paintballs, which are gelatin capsules containing water-soluble paint, shot from a paintball gun.  To add to the excitement of shooting paintballs, attacking and […]

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A Samburu girl

Cultural Tours in Kenya

Discover Traditions and Cultural Diversity Kenya has 42 tribes and several races. It is a melting pot of cultures, united by one national language- Swahili. Cultural tours in Kenya explore the lifestyle, traditions, festivals and beliefs of these communities. Though some communities have embraced civilization, aspects of their culture and traditions are evident in their […]

The bank of River Ewaso Nyiro is a camel trekking route

Camel Safari in Kenya

A Unique Excursion in the Plains Explore the plains of Laikipia, at the foot of Mount Kenya, and the Northern Frontier towns of Maralal and Samburu, from the back of a camel. Characterised by dry weather all year round and vast plains, these regions have excellent conditions for camel riding excursions. Samburu is mainly inhabited […]

Curio Shop in Kenya

Crafts to Learn in Kenya while on Safari

Traditional Crafts to Learn Anywhere in Kenya There are hundreds of crafts to learn in Kenya during your safari.  Kenya has over 40 tribes and each community has a unique way of life. There is a lot to learn as you mingle with people from different communities, especially people from tribes that still adhere to […]

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Lake Nakuru Lodge

What to do in Kenya| Weekend Trip

Weekend Road Trip Ideas You may opt to start your fun-filled weekend on Friday night or embark on an unforgettable safari on Saturday morning. Either way, there are so many exciting ideas that will give you an insight into what to do in Kenya on a weekend. 2 Nights and 3 Days Safari Ideas  Start […]

The logos of major supermarkets in Kenya

The Leading Supermarkets in Kenya

Where to Shop in Kenya The number of supermarkets in Kenya has increased rapidly. Now, there are supermarket chains almost on every street of major cities and other shops clustered in estates, malls and shopping centres. Proliferation of these large retail stores has brought with it more brands, better quality, affordable prices and a variety […]

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Birds on a tree in Tsavo West National Park

Bird Watching in Kenya

Kenya, a Bird’s Paradise Birds in flight have long been a fascination for the old and young alike. Part art, science, sport and addiction; the colour, song and grace of birdlife is what bird watchers love and call ornithology. Armed only with binoculars enjoy east Africa’s rich assortment in birdlife on a rare safari experience. […]

Divers sailing on the Indian Ocean

Water Adventure at the Kenyan Coast

Amazing Water Sports off the Kenyan Coast Whatever your preference, Kenya has lots to offer with windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing! On the Kenyan coast, you can live La vida Loca in the ocean all day! The inevitable ’surf’ lifestyle image of always pushing the limits of perfection, spectacular moves and stunts in big […]

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