Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu National Reserve

Camping in Kenya| Top Camping Destinations

Wildlife safaris in Kenya take you to the most beautiful destinations in the country. Enjoy lengthy game walks in the wild plains of a national park, sit for a bush meal besides a crocodile infested river, wake up to the beautiful melodies of birds and sleep to the soothing tunes of wild howls and cries.  After all, this is Africa.

Camping is the ultimate thrill during wildlife safaris in the cradle of mankind.  You need to sleep under the starry sky and see how breathtaking a clear blue sky gets at nightfall. You have to see the stars from your tent and wake up to a 360 view of acacia trees and lush savannah vegetation.

 If this sounds like child’s play, take the game further and book a fly camping safari. This will take you right into the untamed bush where you can enjoy a night under a traditional tent with just basic camping essentials and a trained guide to keep you company.

There are public campsites, private campsites and luxury tented camps. Most of the public campsites belong to the Kenya Wildlife Service, and they provide basic camping facilities.

The Most Popular Camping Destinations

Who comes to Kenya and leaves without a flight/drive to Maasai Mara? It has the big five, hot air ballooning safaris, bush walk adventures, birding tours and bush dining. These, coupled with excellent camping facilities, make it the most popular destination for safari lovers.

  • Meru National Park

This park is rapidly drawing adventure enthusiasts who thought the Eastern section of Kenya had nothing to offer. Overland truck safaris are now heading to this park, which was the home of the famous lioness Elsa.  Things to do in Meru National Park include game drives and bird watching.

Naivasha, all the way to Nakuru is camping city. There are numerous of public and private campsites. The bait here is Naivasha’s wealth of adventure spots such as Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park and its proximity to Lake Elementaita and Lake Nakuru.

  • Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park has exotic forests, epic waterfalls, hills and valleys.  Explorations of Zaina Falls, Karuru Falls, Elephant Hill, Despair Hill, Kereita Forest, and Gatamaiyo Forest are among the excursions awaiting campers and hikers.

  • Hell’s Gate National Park

This otherworldly park has an amazing array of activities. Visitors enjoy game drives, explorations of the gorges, rock climbing, cycling and bush walks. Adjacent to it the Ol Karia Geothermal natural spa for a swim in naturally heated water.

The largest mammal rules Amboseli. You will spot elephants in the swamps, on the dirt trails in the park and in the savannah with Mt Kilimanjaro in the background.

Tsavo is the land the godfather of luxury safaris, Denys Finch, fell in love with, and so will any visitor who explores it. This vast park, which is divided into East and West, is the largest national park in the country.

Another destination worth exploring is Samburu National Reserve.  If you are a backpacker who wants to experience a bit of each of these enchanting destinations, a week long camping in Kenya safari is magical.

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