The bank of River Ewaso Nyiro is a camel trekking route

Camel Safari in Kenya

A Unique Excursion in the Plains

Explore the plains of Laikipia, at the foot of Mount Kenya, and the Northern Frontier towns of Maralal and Samburu, from the back of a camel. Characterised by dry weather all year round and vast plains, these regions have excellent conditions for camel riding excursions.

Samburu is mainly inhabited by the Samburu community, which rears thousands of cattle and other domesticated animals. During your camel safari in Samburu, you will interact with this community as you criss-cross their land.  Samburu warriors will be your guides as you trek through the plains. This adventure will show you a side of the bush you cannot discover from the comfort of a tour van, for example, the thrill of walking on the banks of River Ewaso Nyiro.

The camels also carry baggage for riders. This may include the camping and cooking facilities. Camel riding safaris are family friendly. Children can always ride camels when they get tired along the way. Unique camel riding destinations include the spectacular Mathews Range and the serene Karisia Hills. Wildlife to see includes reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, different species of antelopes and hundreds of birds.

Maralal hosts the annual Camel Derby, where amateur and seasoned riders race through the dry plains.

Camel riding can be an activity in a wildlife safari package. This may be alongside other unique activities such as bush dining and hot air balloon safaris. On the other hand, there are specific packages that offer camel riding tours around the country. In such instances, it can be an excursion lasting less than a week to about two weeks.

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