Street Children in Kenya| How to Help

The Struggle to be Accepted Street children live in alleys, parks, underpasses of major towns and cities in the country.  Street children in Kenya are classified into a number of groups. There are children who live and sleep on the streets. Another cluster of children goes home every night after a day’s exploration of the […]

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Indian Ocean

Beach Boys in Kenya| Friend or Foe?

Who is a Beach Boy? Along the idyllic coastline of Kenya, you find several types of people enjoying the sun, sand and the sea.  In most cases, there are droves of tourists (domestic and foreign) and swarms of beach boys. A beach boy is a popular phrase used to describe the young men trawling the […]

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Nairobi City Center

How to Stay Safe in Nairobi

How safe is Nairobi? Kenya’s capital city is safe for you to have an exciting, care-free holiday. This metropolitan city is home to people from all parts of the world.  From January to December, Nairobi hosts business executives and leisure seekers.  This city has numerous attractions such as Nairobi National Park, the National Museum and […]

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Biashara Streets, Nairobi

Biashara Street Nairobi| A Shopper’s Paradise

Where Shoppers Throng Nairobi is rightfully termed as the busiest capital city in East Africa because there are dozens of activities going on every millisecond from downtown in River Road to the quiet professional blocks of Kaunda Street. Biashara Street Nairobi must be mentioned when talking about business in the city centre. This street, sandwiched […]

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Tuk Tuks in Kenya| A Three-wheeled Adventurous Ride

Auto Rickshaws in the City Auto rickshaws have a variety of names. In Tanzania and Ethiopia, they are known as bajajis; in Egypt, they are called toktoks and in Nigeria, they are known as keke-marwas. In Kenya, they are called tuk tuks, which is a word that imitates the actual noise made by the vehicle’s […]

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Naivasha, Kenya

Upcountry Bus Stage in Nairobi

How to get to the Rest of Kenya Public transport services from the capital city to parts of the countryside operate from a number of bus terminuses. Ideally, you should know the upcountry bus stage in Nairobi that can link you to the town or city you wish to visit.  In some cases, several bus […]

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Hell's Gate National Park

KWS Safari Card| Where and How to Get one

What is a Safari Card? A Safari Card is an electronic payment system used in paying park entry fees to selected wildlife parks and reserves under the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). It is one of the most innovative electronic ticketing systems in the country, aimed at ending corruption, enhancing collection of revenue in the parks […]

A Naivasha bound bus

Public Transport Fare in Nairobi| How much?

Cost of Commuting in Kenya Public transport fare in the country is largely unregulated.  Occasional hikes are common and commuters have to conform or risk being stranded.  The fluctuations are so irregular that a matatu can hike its fare within an hour. Some of the reasons given for such fare hikes are It is raining […]

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Moi Avenue Streets, Nairobi

Traffic Jam in Nairobi City| How to Avoid it

Smart Solutions to Mad City Traffic Every morning, social media is a buzz with grunts, rants and raves from residents caught in traffic. You log in and desperate calls for some super natural power to strike road hogs greet your eyes as others ask whether the flying cars have moved from prototype stage.  A traffic […]

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Nairobi Matatu

The Matatu Culture| Kenya’s Public Transport Culture

Colourful Carriers Ruling the Streets If Kenya needed a 44th culture, it would be the matatu culture. The vibrant, flashy, colourful matatus zip the streets making heads turn and drawing the wrath of the country’s traffic marshals.  Matatus have been on the streets since time immemorial. The word matatu actually came from the Swahili word […]

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