Lake Nakuru

Kenya Safari Reviews| Should you Rely on Them?

The Digital Age is Here You do not have to wait for your friends and family members to visit Kenya so you can get firsthand account of the adventures that this country has to offer. With a few mouse clicks, you walk into a world of Kenya safari reviews from professional travellers and first time […]

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Wildlife Safari in Kenya

Kenya Travel Advisories| Is Kenya All Gloom and Doom?

Is it Safe to Travel to Kenya? When the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, spoke after a series of terror attacks rocked Kenya, he made it clear that terrorism is a global problem; Kenya is a target for terrorists just like any other part of the world.  Millions of people have fallen prey to terrorists […]

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Lake Victoria

Benga Music in Kenya| Famous Benga Musicians

A Face-Paced African Beat Africans can dance, without a doubt; music is part of the African culture. Hence, there are numerous genres of music around the continent. In Kenya, benga music is one genre that ruled the airwaves from 1940s to the 1960s. Just as it is the case with other genres, the discussion about […]

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Nakumatt Llifestyle in Nairobi

Shopping in Nairobi|The Main Flea Markets

A Day in the City’s Flea Markets Away from the high-end boutiques and malls of the Nairobi is a variety of flea markets that make shopping in Nairobi even more exciting. These markets, located out of town, draw buyers and sellers from the city and beyond. There are traders who travel to Nairobi to gather […]

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Rift Valley

David Rudisha| The World’s 800m Champion

 Kenya’s Track and Field Star  David Rudisha has dozens of athletics titles under his name.  This 25 year old is a world record holder and an Olympic Champion in the 800m.  He clocked an hour and 41 minutes in this race making him the first athlete to run that fast in the 800m race. Additionally, […]

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Paul Tergat, Kenyan athlete

Paul Tergat| Kenya’s Veteran Long Distance Runner

Swift, Graceful and Talented Paul Tergat is a legend. He represented Kenya in numerous international races thereby strengthening the country’s identity as the home of long distance runners. Tergat, now retired, was the man to watch in the marathon.  Tergat participated in numerous marathon races such as the London Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, the Berlin […]

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Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Wildlife Service| Self-catering Bandas

Eat, Drink, Sleep in the Bush The beauty of safaris in Kenya is the chance to sleep in the bush, close to wildlife. Some national parks and reserves have limited accommodation within, but in parks and reserves under the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), you can always find a comfortable self-catering banda (cabin). This state corporation […]

Flag of Kenya

The Kenyan Flag| Its History and Meaning

Kenya’s National Identity Kenya gained independence from Britain on December 12, 1963. On that day, thousands of Kenyans from different parts of the country trickled into Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi for the celebration. The country’s first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, a prime minister at the time, led jubilant Kenyans in commemorating self-rule as the Union […]

Moi Avenue Streets, Nairobi

Major Streets of Nairobi| Living in Nairobi

Streets of the City in the Sun For an exciting city tour, learn the main streets of Nairobi so you can find your way through this bustling hub of East Africa. Nairobi’s city centre is divided into two- the uptown and downtown sections.  There are only four avenues- two named after former presidents and one […]

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Common Wealth Graves

Commonwealth War Graves| Where Heroes of War Rest

Where Gallant Soldiers Rest Over 50,000 soldiers who fought in the two world wars rest in 32 burials sites around the country. These Commonwealth War Graves, the seven war memorials, the torturous memories borne by soldiers who survived the war and the uniforms of these soldiers- with an assortment of insignia plastered on them- are […]

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