Maasai Mara National Reserve

Interesting Facts about Animals| Kenya Safari Guide

What you did not Know about Wildlife Kenya is safari country, and safaris mean wildlife. There are thousands of species in reserves, conservancies and parks around the country. The big five species and the rare five of Kenya draw millions of eager visitors to these destinations. Here are interesting facts about animals that you ought […]

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Carnivore Club in Kenya

Kenyan Music| Popular Hip Hop Musicians

The Kenyan Hip Hop Circles Kenyan hip hop is one of the unique music genres presenting Kenyan culture to the world. It is a subgenre of the original hip hop sound, with a touch of creativity infusing ideas from Kenyan communities and their languages. Ideally, this genre is one of the fastest growing in Kenyan […]

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Kenya Electric Generating Company

Kenya Electricity Generating Company| About Power in Kenya

The country Chief Power Supplier Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) is the country’s largest power producer. Its mandate is production, and the responsibility of distribution and retailing of power is handled by Kenya Power.  Initially, production of electricity was under Kenya Power Company, which was a subsidiary of East Africa Power & Lighting (EAP&L) and […]

Kenya Power

Kenya Power| Kenya’s Power Distributor

About Power Supply in Kenya Kenya Power is a public company charged with distribution and retailing of electricity in the country.  This involves installation of electricity, billing and provision of electricity related emergency services reaching about 2.6m customers. It enjoys a monopoly even though the quality of service has not been satisfactory for a majority […]

Bomas of Kenya,Nairobi,Kenya

Facts about Kenya| Famous Traditional Rulers

The Chiefs of Kenyan Tribes Kenya has 43 tribes.  These communities had chiefdoms and traditional rulers who acted as the leaders before the British colonialists ended chiefdoms, and later, Kenya became a republic with one leader chosen through a national election. Facts about Kenya- Legendary Rulers Lenana Laibon  A laibon was a ritual leader of […]

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Kenya Traditional Dancers

The Main Religions in Kenya

Religion in Kenya The Constitution of Kenya acknowledges freedom of conscience, religion, belief and opinion, and freedom of association, under the Bill of Rights. For that reason, Kenya does not have an official state religion and therefore, the 43 tribes living here can adhere to any belief that is not outlawed. Main Religions of Kenya […]

Farming Kenya

Farming in Kenya| Famous Agricultural Towns

Kenya’s Farming Towns Agriculture is one of the main economic activities in Kenya. Millions depend on subsistence farming for income and sustenance, while millions more work in ranching schemes, large-scale farming projects and in processing plants for export production.  For a long time, farming in Kenya has taken part in a fraction of the country. […]

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Tea Plantation in Kenya

Exports from Kenya| The Main Products

What Does Kenya Export? Kenya’s economy depends on Agriculture and tourism as its main foreign exchange earners.  Agriculture is one source of the country’s main export products.  Tea and horticultural products are the two main agricultural exports from Kenya. Kenya’s exports to Africa are more than what it exports to any other region. This country […]

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Market in Naivasha

Horticulture in Kenya| A Key Foreign Exchange Earner

The Horticulture Industry in Kenya Horticulture in Kenya is one of the chief sources of foreign exchange for the country.  In addition, this industry employs thousands of people in most parts of the country. The Main Horticulture Crops Grown in Kenya Vegetables grown in horticulture farms include starchy tubers, root vegetables, pulses, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, […]

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