Kenyan Gospel Music

Gospel Music in Kenya| The Stars

Hip-Hop for Christ Gospel music in Kenya has grown rapidly since the 90s.  Towards the end of the 1990s, the country’s media world was moving from a one-station system (the state owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation) into a liberal communication industry.   At that time, Kenyan hip-hop, which is the country’s version of the American hip-hop, was […]

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Kibera Film School

Kibera Film School| Transforming Kibera

About a Not-For Profit Film Institute Kibera Slum is the largest in Kenya, and one of the largest informal settlements in the continent. Basic amenities such as electricity and water are available to a small portion of the about one million slum dwellers. However, in this world of poverty, insecurity and meager amenities is an […]

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Kenya Music Festival

Kenya Music Festival|Celebration of Diversity

Songs, Dances and Recitals Every year, thousands of educational institutions take part in the Kenya Music Festival that runs from June to early September. This national event attracts primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities to celebrate the culture and diversity of Africa through a variety of presentations. In fact, participants consider this national music […]

Livestock in Kenya

The Economy of Kenya| Economic Activities

How do Kenyans Earn a Living? According to the Kenya Economic Report 2013, the rate of working Kenyans against the non-working population is increasing rapidly. The rate of unemployment reduced in 2013 compared to the rate projected in 2005/06, with the highest number of unemployed citizens found in cities like Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, and […]

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Kibera Slums

Slums in Nairobi

Life in Africa’s Largest Slums Life in Nairobi presents two sides of the same coin.  On one side, there is the hip, lavish, modern lifestyle for the middle and upper class people living in posh upmarket estates and suburbs. On the other side are the poverty-stricken neighbourhoods where decent shelter, toilets, running water and a […]

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Paul Tergat celebrates winning the New York Marathon. Photo Credit:

50 Famous Sports Personalities from Kenya

Celebrating Kenya’s Prowess in Sports The Sports Personality of the Year Awards, SOYA Awards, is a Kenyan event that recognises the best sports men and women in the country. Paul Tergat, who is one of the famous athletes in the world, initiated SOYA to reward the best of Kenya’s hundreds of sports men and women. […]

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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Conservation in Kenya| Famous Conservationists

Personalities who have Championed Conservation Efforts Conservation in Kenya has assisted greatly in preserving the country’s beautiful sceneries and thousands of plant and animal species. A few personalities have taken the task head on without fearing social, cultural and political forces out to prevent them from achieving these goals. Sadly, some conservationists have faced stern, […]

Former Vice President

Famous Kenyan Politicians, Past and Present

Famous Political leaders of Kenya Kenya is a multi-party state. Its citizens are free to engage in political affairs as long as their actions do not contravene other state laws and policies. Though Kenya was initially a one party state, it is now a democracy with thousands of acclaimed political leaders.  The political scene in […]

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Kenya Posta

Postal Corporation of Kenya| Defunct or Still Efficient?

Kenya’s Mail Service The Postal Corporation of Kenya handles postal services in Kenya. This company, also called Posta Kenya, was part of the Kenya Post & Telecommunication Corporation. The corporation was split into three to make up Posta, the Communications Authority of Kenya and Telkom Kenya. The Communications Authority regulates the communications industry while Telkom […]

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Flag of Kenya

Jamuhuri Day| Kenya’s Independence

Hail the Kenyan Spirit! The British ruled Kenya as a colony from 1895 when they established the East Africa Protectorate, until Kenya’s indpendence.  Kenyans fought for their independence for decades, a struggle that culminated in a bloody rebellion from 1952 to 1960. This struggle was successful because on December 12, 1963, Kenya became a nation, […]

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