Fort Jesus at Mombasa

UNESCO World Heritages Sites in Kenya

Kenya’s Heritage Sites There are six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kenya.  To make it to this list, sites are evaluated on a 10-point criterion that looks at the cultural and natural uniqueness. A site must exhibit unrivalled creativity, it should portray a cultural practice, buildings and landforms should show a stage in the history […]

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Curio Shop in Kenya

Crafts to Learn in Kenya while on Safari

Traditional Crafts to Learn Anywhere in Kenya There are hundreds of crafts to learn in Kenya during your safari.  Kenya has over 40 tribes and each community has a unique way of life. There is a lot to learn as you mingle with people from different communities, especially people from tribes that still adhere to […]

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Nairobi Stadium

Kenya Sports Stadiums

The Main Stadiums in Nairobi Kenya is famous for its world record breakers in athletics. However, Kenya sports stadiums do not have the world-class structure and facilities.  Most of these are open fields with a grass pitch in the middle of an arena. They are often derelict to the point of being used as grazing […]

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Safari Park Hotel

Casinos in Kenya

Legal Gambling in Kenya Legal gambling in Kenya takes place in licensed spots that are mostly housed in plush hotels, resorts and clubs.  Most casinos in Kenya are in the four major towns- Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi and Ukunda. There are casinos in other towns like Nakuru, Watamu and Thika. Casinos in Nairobi Casino de Paradise […]

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Ol Pejeta House

Hotels in Nanyuki

Accommodation at the Equator Nanyuki is a market town on the foothills of Mount Kenya.  The sun rises behind the snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya offering a magical backdrop to this quiet town.  Places of interest in and around Nanyuki include Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Aberdare National Park and Mau Mau Caves. […]

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