Lord Erroll Restaurant

French Cuisine Hotels in Kenya

Dining out is one of the things to do when visiting Kenya. Try French cuisine. There are numerous French restaurants in the cities and major towns. Nairobi has a tidy number of these restaurants. Major French Hotels in Kenya Lord Erroll Restaurant It has several dining rooms with a capacity of 6 to 80 guests. […]

Lunch at the Safari Park Hotel

Italian Hotels in Kenya

Hotels in Kenya offering Italian cuisine make the dining scene all the more adventurous. Visitors and locals have a chance to treat their taste buds to delicious, world famous dishes from different parts of Italy. Most of these Italian restaurants are in the capital city Nairobi. Some are within the city centre, in major resorts […]

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Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge

Horseback Safaris in Kenya

And they’re off! Horse racing in Kenya A Rich History Jockeys have galloped round Kenyan racecourses since the early 1900’s. The first race was held in Machakos, then it was moved to Kariokor, east of the city centre. The Jockey Club of Kenya (thoroughbred racings’ principal body) then made a final move to the Ngong […]

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Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge

Horse Riding in Kenya

Horseshows in Africa- The Kenya Easter Horse Show Horse shows have been the choice of entertainment for many affluent people around the world, so why not do it in Africa? The Horse Association of Kenya does it every year without fail- it organizes horse races and horse shows almost every month at various locations about […]

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Coffee berries

Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan coffee competes with large-scale production countries in the world such as Brazil and Vietnam. This beverage, once a taboo in some parts of the world, is now one of the most popular drinks, with an overall consumption of about 500 billion cups every year. Kenya grows the high quality Arabica type, though some farmers […]

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Tea Plantation in Kenya

Kenyan Tea

In most homes in Kenya, breakfast is incomplete without tea. This beverage, which earns the country international recognition, is also popular at home. The country produces black, white, yellow, purple and green tea. Nevertheless, black is the most popular type of Kenyan tea. The leaves are oxidized thereby turning from green to black. This variety […]

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Kenyan Safari Planning Tips

When to Visit Kenya Kenya is one of the most popular destinations in East Africa. It has vast plains, picturesque mountains and ranges, expansive beaches and vibrant nightlife in cites. It is magical! A Kenyan safari can start in the capital city. There is a national park just a few kilometres from the skyscrapers of […]

Water Sports and Wildlife Adventures in Kenya

Top 100 Things to Do in Kenya Part 7 61. Visiting the 1998 Bomblast Memorial Sites The 1998 terrorist attack in Nairobi left hundreds dead and others maimed for life. Pay tribute to the people who suffered, and died. The names of the victims are engraved on a wall in the Bomb Blast Memorial Park […]

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