Diners enjoying a meal at the Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi

Bush Meat Cuisine in Kenya

Bush Meat in Kenya Kenyans love meat. Grilled meat, nyama choma, is a popular delicacy. Beef is the most popular option though other foodies love button, pork or chicken roasted on an open fire. Bush meat also has its share of fans. Hunting provided communities with a generous portion of game meat, so most hunter-gather […]

A lunch meal set beside a river at Ngerende Island Lodge

Vegetarian Cuisine in Kenya

Nyama Choma Country Though Kenya is popular for its fresh, sizzling roast meat known as nyama choma in Swahili, the country is also a haven for delicious vegan dishes. Most homesteads cook cereals, vegetables, nuts and other foods common with vegetarian cuisine.  Since the country depends on agriculture as one of its main exports, there […]

A waiter serving succulent roast meat at Carnivore Restaurant.

Succulent BBQ Maasai Style

The Maasai people are pastoralists. They inhabit the dry plains of Kenya, and move often in search of pasture and water for their herds of cattle. The community’s diet, guided by the harsh living conditions, consists of meat, blood, milk and wild fruits. During celebrations and ritual ceremonies, this community squeezes blood out of a […]

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Fishing off the coast of Lamu

The Bajuni People

The Bajuni is probably one of the least known communities in Kenya. With a population of less than 100, 000 people, this community is one of the smallest in the country. Many people do not even know that it exists because it is marginalized like other communities that have clung to traditions and customs. This […]

The Safari Park Hotel's Nyama Choma Ranch is one of the most popular steak houses in Nairobi

Steak Houses in Nairobi

Nyama Choma County Kenyans love succulent meat roasted over an open fire. In the modern world, that would mean a barbeque on a grill but in most cases, the Kenyan way uses charcoal and a traditionally designed grill. This is what Kenyans call nyama choma, in Swahili.  It is a delicacy; a meal that brings […]

Nairobi- The fastest growing city in East Africa

Chinese Restaurants in Kenya

Why Chinese Cuisine is So Popular A number of reasons make Chinese cuisine so loveable and appealing to people from all parts of the world. First, it offers a wide range of dishes so foodies can have something new every day. Second, there are so many Chinese restaurants. Third, the food is spicy, delicious and […]

Nairobi- The fastest growing city in East Africa

Indian Cuisine in Kenya

The Indian community in Kenya also contributes to the country’s rich culture and traditions.  Indian cuisine is available in major cities in Kenya. Known for its spicy and finger licking cuisine, India is one of the countries that influence the culinary arts industry. It offers vegetarian delicacies as well as dishes for meat lovers.  Savour […]

Swahili dishes originate from the coastal towns of Kenya

Swahili Cuisine Hotels in Kenya

The coast of Kenya is a melting pot of cultures from different tribes and races. The residents include foreigners who have settled in the country to enjoy its vast sunny beaches and local communities. Swahili cuisine borrows heavily from communities that lived or traded in this region centuries ago such as the Oman, Indian, Portuguese […]

A restaurant at Hemingways Resort in Watamu

Seafood Cuisine Hotels in Kenya

Where to Get Seafood Cuisine Sumptuous seafood and excellent wine is one of the best ways to end a day of adventure. More hotels in Kenya are catering for lovers of this delicacy and they include Furusato Japanese Restaurant This pocket friendly restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine. It is located in Westlands and its menu […]

Roasted meat, popularly known as nyama choma in Kenya

Where to Get African Cuisine in Kenya

African cuisine is served in most lodges and resorts in Kenya. However, there are specialist hotels that focus on African food and drinks.  They give you the real deal from African themed dining rooms, to unique furniture and cutlery. In other cases, you are treated to African beats and dances as you enjoy the food. […]

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