A live band at the Zen Gardens in Westlands

Westlands Kenya- The Party District

Westlands Kenya and its Bubbling Nightlife Nairobi is a vibrant city with a national park, museums, animal sanctuaries and modern shopping complexes. When you are not relaxing in your hotel room, you are out and about exploring the magical sights and sounds of this East African city. Westlands Kenya is one of the most popular […]

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A curio shop at the Great Rift Valley View Point

Kisii Soapstone Carving

What is soapstone? Soapstone is a soft rock that derives its name from its soapy texture. It contains talc, and the hardness or softness depends on the amount of talc in a rock. The rock type used in stone carving has lower amounts of talc, which makes it easier to sculpture. In addition to soapstone […]

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A Maasai Market at the Village Market Shopping Complex

Maasai Market in Kenya

Maasai Market in Kenya Every tribe in Kenya has traditions, a unique way of dressing, cultural celebrations and artefacts. Carry souvenirs from this magical safari country and you will always remember the hospitality and the beautiful culture of its people. The Maasai Market in Kenya offers a rare opportunity for visitors to buy a wide […]

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A luxurious tree house at Ngong House

Tree Houses in Kenya

Tree House Hotels in Kenya Living or playing in a tree house is one of those fantasies that make childhood memorable. If you stayed or snuck into one, during your teens, you must have had the best moments. You can re-live this fantasy, but in a different platform. Stay in a furnished, spacious tree house […]

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Kenyan Beer| What’s in Store for You?

Beer in Kenya In this part of the world, a party is perfect when guests have succulent steak roasted on an open fire (known as nyama choma), a vegetable salad (called kachumbari), and a variety of Kenyan beer brands. It is the norm in the cities, towns or in the remote districts bordering famous attractions […]

Flag of Kenya

The Kenya National Anthem

The National Song The Kenya National Anthem is a unity pledge, a song of allegiance to the country’s values, a sense of belonging for all communities, a desire to see the country grow. So many ways describe the beautiful mix of words and phrases that make up this national hymn. It is a personal prayer […]

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Standard Chartered Marathon

Kenyan Athletes and International Stardom

Run like a Kenyan Kenya is the leading African nation as far as the track and field sports are concerned. Since, 1964, when Wilson Kiprugut ran his way to an Olympic Bronze medal in the Rome Olympics, Kenya’s winning streak continues to baffle many. Sometimes, this country scoops the second or third position in a […]

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M-Pesa- The World’s First Mobile Money Transfer Service

Mobile Money Transfer the Kenyan Way M-Pesa, means mobile money. The M stands for mobile and Pesa is a Swahili word that means money. What a profound way to brand a service that took the country by storm and had the rest of the world drooling from the sheer effectiveness of this innovative product. This […]

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Nairobi- The fastest growing city in East Africa

iHub- The Kenyan Tech Lab

The iHub Concept Africa has taken to the digital age like a duck to water. Innovation labs are burgeoning, start-ups are ruling the technology scene and institutions are releasing a new breed of graduates who are apt and able to fit into this innovative era. In Kenya, the story is not different either. There are […]

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The Samburu-close cousins of the El Molo people

El Molo People of Kenya

A Tribe that is almost Extinct With a population of about 700 people as of 2007, the El Molo tribe is the smallest community in Kenya. The Ethnologue further indicates that the language of this community is almost extinct too. Most of the people speak Swahili and the Maa language. This is largely because of […]

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