Medina Palms in Watamu, Kenya. Photo Credit: Medina Palms

The Travellers’ Choice Awards- Top 10 Hotels in Kenya

Kenya’s Leading Hotels For the 13th year, travellers voiced their opinion about Kenya’s hospitality industry in the Travellers’ Choice Awards. TripAdvisor, one of the most popular travel websites globally, runs the Travellers’ Choice Awards. This annual fete evaluates the quality of service and the traveller’s experience through reviews and opinions submitted by millions of travellers […]

One of Nairobi's leading steak houses

12 Popular Kenyan Street Foods

A Taste of Kenya Street foods in Kenya may not be as popular around the world as the tantalising jerk chicken of Jamaica or South Africa’s spicy bunny chow, but they are worth sampling when you come for a beach or wildlife safari. Discover the culinary skills of any of the country’s 43 tribes when […]

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Nyeri County

Body Art in Kenya

African tribal body art Intricate, beautiful body art is part of the rich heritage of communities in Kenya. It served several purposes namely As a way of identifying tribe members, genders and age groups As proof of social status As a beauty ritual to complement traditional attire and ornaments As a good omen for warriors […]

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Kenyans take part in the Standard Chartered Marathon

Sports Tourism in Kenya

A Sports Safari in Kenya Kenyan athletes shine in every international event they attend. Kenyans have participated and won major international races such as the Boston Marathon, the London Marathon, the Austin Marathon, the Olympics and the IAAF World Championships. In addition to athletics, Kenya participates in rugby, swimming and cricket. However, the country’s great […]

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